CARLOS TOBON and his TROTE Y GALOPE and PASO FINO HORSES! Another H&M mini video from our visit to their ranch in Texas!

A few years ago (several), HORSE & MAN visited Carlos and Tara Tobon at their Texas ranch. Unfortunately, this footage never made it to air.  So, I am now resurrecting it to share with you.

(Carlos Tobon website linked here.)

Our day was wonderful…  I wish we could all sit together and go through the 6 hours of video together!  I’d tell you all about it!  And soon I will write a blog post about them…

These horses were naturally gifted, gaited and happy – and believe me, I looked for any kind of manipulative training device.  None.

Their work environment was amazing.  The horses were relaxed and comfortable.  The day was relaxed and comfortable.

I learned so much – I’d never met a Paso Fino until this day… so you could imagine my long list of questions!   Carlos was so patient to answer everything I asked.

Both Carlos and Tara were wonderful hosts.


Carlos came to America with generations of knowledge and a supreme horse…

He worked and trained… and in 2007 he was selected as PFHA TRAINER OF THE YEAR.

Along the way, Carlos also garnered a fine education and is using this training to help promote the breed by formulating the Paso Fino Studio.  Here, prospective riders are matched with the perfect horse – temperament, gait, size… all of it.


Carlos met Tara – a dressage rider/trainer – here in the US.  Interesting pairing, eh?  And it works very well!  I was impressed with them both.  Each had their own very finely honed skills.

Here is the official statement from his website:

A bit about Carlos and Tara Tobon.

A bit about Carlos and Tara Tobon.


As you all know, I’m learning how to use iMovie… so please forgive me.

The incredibly rhythmic and talented horse Carlos is riding in the beginning of this clip is his famous stallion, Beech Tree Maestro.  Wow.  Incredible to be in his presence.  This horse was ‘all that’ and more.  He did his work, always in control.   A fine specimen and a gentleman.

The second horse, the grey Paso, is his wife’s very special mare, Esmeralda del Eden.  AMAZING MARE – as you will see.  I loved her the moment I met her.  You could see it in her eyes.  Such a happy and giving mare.

This is just a small piece of our day.

I hope you enjoy…!

Click here to watch the video or click the image below.

Click to watch this short video of a few parts of our wonderful visit with Carlos and Tara Tobon and their Trote y Galope and Paso Fino horses.


This is Carlos on Tara’s wonderful horse, Esmeralda del Eden.

APRIL BUCKET FUND FOR SUMMER RAFFO (who was lost in the mudslide) and her remaining 19 horses!

APRIL BUCKET FUND FOR SUMMER RAFFO (who was lost in the mudslide) and her remaining 19 horses!

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  1. KD Huff

    Lot’s of folks here in Florida ride Paso’s. I am enjoying your clips, please keep them coming. I smiled watching your cameraman riding.

    ~ KD

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