An Exclusive Interview with Henry the Mule!

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This is a banner day for HORSE AND MAN!  We are bringing to you a very exclusive interview… I mean, over the years, the HORSE AND MAN series has interviewed many celebrities, but this is our first exclusive.  I’m so excited to bring you HENRY THE MULE!

Henry the Mule (his professional photo)


Do you know of Henry the Mule?

Well, let me tell you.  He is a Mule Wonder.  Not only did he get himself rescued from a meat auction, Henry throttled full force into his new lease on life and has become a Facebook phenom!  I’m telling you, this little pony mule has that certain something… that ‘je ne sais quoi’ magnetism that makes people stand up and take notice.  Henry has star quality.  He is a one in a million mule.


Henry the Mule in his official winter head shot


Now, if you don’t know Henry or don’t have a Facebook account, let me fill you in.  He started his Facebook page (linked here) just a year ago and now has over 5000 followers (this is a huge accomplishment…)!  Having that many followers is extraordinary – especially  for a 4 year-old who types out delightful daily rhetoric from his cozy stable where he lives with his girlfriend, Haffie (she’s a Haflinger…).

There is no question of his intellect.  Not only is he wise beyond his 4 years, but he can comment on everything from soup to nuts, wax lyrically on any subject and contemplate the world with the grace of a great philosopher.

Henry in a candid photo, lounging at home with his girlfriend, Haffie.


I cannot aptly describe Henry’s great literary works.  It would be best for me to supply them for you here so you can get the feel of his unique voice.

Here is Henry on life philosophies:

Ah yes!


Yep. Uh huh.







So true to muleism



This is my personal fav... Henry in his Halloween costume

Henry on what it is like to be a Mule:



Henry on his Mule duties (he hopes for World Mule Domination):

Good Mule Motto!


Henry just chatting about his Mule life:

Big decisions, for sure

He rolls with the punches

Barn life... the nerve!



Yup.  Here is the link to Henry’s merchandise line.

With 5000 fans, he had to do something!  Now you, too, can wear a t-shirt, drink out of a mug or wear a cap in honor of this famous talking Mule (no relation to Francis…)!


An example of Henry’s merchandise line



This is Henry’s very first interview!

1)  How do you find the time everyday to write your FB posts with your busy schedule?!

I am a very busy fellow so I try to squeeze in my posts in between naps and meals.  I also had BH buy me an Android phone which allows my to post on the fly.

2)  I notice you have very compelling photos of yourself for your FB photos.  Are there paparazzi who follow you around?

When I started my FB page, I only hoped to get 100 friends.  One year later I have close to 5000 friends.  I never would have thought so many people would be interested in what I have to say.  I have many people who are trying to get some face time with me so I’ve had to hire people to screen my fan mail and stand guard at the pasture fence.  No seriously, I do a lot of the photography myself and when I can’t get the shot, I ask Haffie Pal or Gal to get it for me.

3)  Is there a downside to fame?  I can no longer go on my hikes or out out on patrol without people looking to get a photo or an autograph.

4)  Do you have a book of jokes or do you just think funny things?  I don’t have a book or anything I use for my FB posts.  I am extremely witty and quick thinking so I come up with everything on my own.  I bet you’d never find a horse who can do what I do.

5)  Have you considered writing a book?  I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a book and a few of my friends have suggested I run for President so I’m not sure which one I should do first.

6)  Are you influenced by any other famous mules?  Perhaps Francis?  I’ve never heard of Francis so how famous could he be?

7)  What do you think of the expression, “Mule-headed”?  I tink if you’re called that then it must be a great thing since mules have wonderful faces with great ears

8)  Are you dating anyone? Of course not, I’m only 4 years old.

9)  I’ve always considered the expression ‘mule-train’ as more of a ‘mule-train’ because my mule seems to train me to do whatever he wants.  Comments?  Oh I so agree.  I have daily training sessions with my BH and LH.  I’ve got them to the point where my meals are delivered each day at the precise time I request.  I have also worked very hard to train them to bring me treats each day and to provide me a nice clean place to lay down each night.  I’m working on training them to let me in the house and so far I’ve only gotten to the point where I can peek in the windows.  I have almost perfected my sad face and with a few more tries, I know they’ll be trained enough to open the front door and let me in.  It gets hot here in the summer and I’d like to be inside where it is nice and cool.

10)  You list that you are an ‘Entertainer’.  Have you always wanted to be an entertainer? FB is very limited in their category choices.  I’ve asked them to add World Dominator but so far they have not answered my email request.

11)  What do you like best about your home?  I love that I get to live with my two best pals and we have 4 squares a day with all day in and out turnout.  I have lots of fields to roam and protect and lots of fun things to chase in the night.

12)  During these trying economic times, have you ever considered selling your human?  Never but I may try to supplement by writing a book about my quest for M.W.D.

13)  Do you like your farrier?  If not, how could humans improve the experience for you? I love my fairrer.  Of course, she’s got perfect manners which make the whole experience better for both of us.  Humans need to try to be more patient with mules.  We know what we’re supposed to do, we just like to do it on our own schedule

14)  Has anyone ever stolen your heart?  Haffie Gal has my heart.  Have you seen her on my page?  Hubba hubba!!!


If you’d like to follow Henry on Facebook, click here.

Henry the Mule



Both Finn and Norma have asked for their own Facebook pages… but I just don’t think they could ever come close to Henry’s notoriety and aptitude. I’m afraid they might get their feelings hurt.  Actually, Norma, on her own, started a Facebook page (linked here).  But, she hasn’t said much.  She’s really shy so I have no idea why she started a page.  But, more power to her…  If you’d like to follow her, click on her page and maybe she will be inspired.  But, dunno…

Finn has a much larger ego and I’m not sure he could take the rejection if no one followed him.  What do you think?



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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