H. ALAN DAY, is one of my most favorite authors.  He wrote THE HORSE LOVER.  When I finished reading it,  I was so moved – I felt I had to let him know.  So I actually found Alan’s website and contacted him.  I had never done anything like that before, and I’ve loved many books…

We have been friends ever since.

In fact, Alan invited me to the Lazy B… the 200,000 acre ranch he grew up on and managed for 40 years.  (Sandra Day O’Connor is his sister.  She grew up there, too, and they co-authored the book THE LAZY B about their childhood.  Loved that book, too!)

Here is my post about visiting the Lazy B.  It was beyond words.  Such a gift.

Anyway, Alan sent to me his new book, COWBOY UP!  (Use this link to order an advanced, signed copy! – He only has a few, so go for it!)

This is that incredible day when Alan invited me to the Lazy B. The 200,000 acre ranch he grew up on and managed for 40 years.

Alan’s new book, COWBOY UP is like sitting around a campfire with the best storyteller – ever!

I loved it!  Made me laugh, cry, nod, wail, shake my head, ponder life and admire his nature loving soul even more…   If you are at all into anything Western, or ranching or just plain common sense life lessons with a smile  –  this book is for you.

Truly, what I loved is that Alan isn’t afraid to honesty share his life with humility, humor and profound Aha! reader moments – surrounded by horses, cattle and ranching.  You feel like you are being taken away…

There are a few stories that he touched upon in THE HORSE LOVER that he expands upon in this collection – which I appreciated.  The entire collection of short stories is either heartwarming or phenomenally adventurous or both… and they reminded me of Walter Mitty – except all of Alan’s adventures are REAL.

For example… Alan made it rain on his ranch.  I swear.

(Order your advanced, signed copy here.  He has a limited amount of them so, grab it while you can!)

This new book has more of the vignette type stories he had in THE HORSE LOVER. But I swear, I was both nodding and shaking my head through so much of it. I love his storytelling. Makes me feel like I know what it was like to live on a huge ranch with horses I love and the ranching life.

GET AN ADVANCE, SIGNED COPY (it isn’t available on Amazon yet)!

If you’d like an advance, signed copy, just  CONTACT ALAN HERE and fill out the form on his website.  He will get back to you regarding an advanced, signed copy.  I know these signed copies will be slightly more expensive than what you will find on Amazon in a month, but for me, an author signed book is a keepsake.  Alan will tell you the price, depending upon shipping to your state.

Click image to go to the website to contact Alan about a signed, advance copy of COWBOY UP!

OR PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON (without Alan’s signature)

Here is the link to pre-order COWBOY UP by H. Alan Day.  This link will probably bring up his two other books as well.  ORDER THEM ALL!  You won’t be sorry!


Click here to pre-order on Amazon.

I HAVE ALL OF THESE BOOKS ON MY DESK – all the time.  I just love to look at them and remember.

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