A WEDNESDAY FEEL GOOD STORY: The Elderly BLM STALLIONS recently gathered from Sulphur, Utah – found homes!

Some of you may have been aware of the older stallions from the Sulphur Mustang herds in Utah who were captured two months ago and auctioned off by the BLM this month?

There was a FB page devoted to the elder stallions, the most photogenic being a 26 year-old Grulla.  He garnered lots of attention for his group of 14 older stallions.  In fact, he made the news!  So, that was excellent for the cause of finding homes for these wise old men.

A team of advocates was ready to bid on the photogenic stallion (and any other stallion needing a home), but he was bid up quite a bit and went to a breeding home, Cascadia Horse Park.

The great news is that ALL of the wise stallions found proper homes –  several were sold for only $25.  But, don’t worry, there were many advocates there bidding who had been working behind the scenes to make sure all went to safe houses already arranged.

This is the beautiful 26 year-old Grulla that garnered so much attention for this sale... He has no idea what a good job he did - just being wise and beautiful.

This is the beautiful 26 year-old Grulla that garnered so much attention for this sale… He has no idea what a good job he did – just being wise and beautiful.


We are focusing on the last three stallions to be auctioned.  These three didn’t have any bids yet… BUT NEVER FEAR… they were snagged by advocate Jacqueline who had arranged for these boys to go to Black Hills Mustang Sanctuary in South Dakota.  Black Hills was willing to take the boys but did not have transportation funds.  Jacqueline put up her own money to make sure these boys were ransomed and transported.  (Luckily, nice donors helped her with the cost of transportation.)

She did it all… she called, arranged, flew, paid, followed and sighed.  Good Job, Jacqueline!

The last three... and Jacqueline was there to snag them!

The last three… and Jacqueline was there to snag them for Black Hills Sanctuary in South Dakota!



Jacqueline left her cozy home and flew to Utah last Friday to supervise and follow (and pay for) the transport of the three stallions she had won.

1)  Sex: Stud Age: 20 Years Height (in hands): 13.2,  Necktag #: 5420 Date Captured: 02/27/15Color: Dun    Captured: Sulphur (UT)

#5420 – 20 yr old dun stud, captured February 27, 2015 in the Sulphur HMA, Utah (Freezemark: 95745420 Signalment: HM1AAAADM). For more information on the Sulphur HMA: http://goo.gl/7qH4On

Gorgeous!  This old guy didn't have many options until advocates stepped in.  Now he is safe at Black Hills Mustang Sanctuary.

Gorgeous! This old guy didn’t have many options until advocates stepped in. Now Enrique is safe at Black Hills Mustang Sanctuary.

2)   Sex: Stud Age: 25 Years    Height (in hands): 14.2    Necktag #: 5405 Date Captured: 02/27/15  Color: Sorrel Captured: Sulphur (UT)   Notes:
#5405 – 25 yr old sorrel stud, captured February 27, 2015 in the Sulphur HMA, Utah (Freezemark: 90745405 Signalment: HM1AEAEBE). For more information on the Sulphur HMA: http://goo.gl/7qH4On

Another wise and gorgeous older stallion that would have had no life without advocates bidding on him ($25) and arranging for his sanctuary.

Another wise and gorgeous older stallion – now named Carlito – that would have had no life without advocates bidding on him ($25) and arranging for his sanctuary.

3)  Sex: Stud Age: 14 Years Height (in hands): 14
Necktag #: 3814 Date Captured: 02/27/15
Color: Dun Captured: Sulphur (UT)
#3814 – 14 yr old dun stud, captured February 27, 2015 in the Sulphur HMA, Utah

The last to be bid upon.  He needed a home and won big!

The last to be bid upon. He needed a home and won big!  His name is now Maximus and he is at Black Hills Sanctuary in South Dakota.


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.20.47 AM

Transport ready at the end of the chute for the boys to load.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.21.15 AM

Once loaded, they spared no time and took off for South Dakota!

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.21.38 AM

Jacqueline’s phone map… kinda daunting with 3 wild horses in front of you…

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.21.54 AM

The entrance to Black Hills Sanctuary!!

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.22.11 AM

11,000 acres!

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.22.26 AM

These beautiful and wise boys made it. Here they are, settling in and learning the ropes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.22.42 AM

Jacqueline and Jennifer, both advocates who helped make this happen.  Job well done!


So… Jacqueline is now working on acquiring any of the older mares who did not sell at the auction.  Her plan is to reunite them with these boys.

If she can figure it out, I will create a Bucket Fund to get the old gals back to their men!

Perhaps the few who were picked last, may be the luckiest.  ;)

Full circle.

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  1. Donna Miller

    So thankful for people like you in this world the wild horses are beautiful and deserve their life to live out peacefully and safe and you have been their HORSE ANGEL. Your story is wonderful i say THANK_YOU from one horse lover to another looking for future follow up stories!!! HAPPY_DAY!!!

  2. Sherrye Chandler

    Having met and become friends with Jaquelyn Hieber online, while researching the wild mustangs and possible rescues, I know these horses are so lucky to have her in their corner. She worked tirelessly , juggling her job and family, to save them. Putting up her own money, along with Miss Fuller, to purchase these animals and pay for all the costs associated with transportation, etc. They both dropped everything and attended the auction, as well as the release. And folks, airline tickets don’t come cheap. Now they are working to reunite the mares and foals with their mates. We applaud you both, as well as the many donors who have sent their hard earned dollars to help defray the costs involved . Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! A job well done. Now if we can keep the donations coming in, maybe the third mare and foal will be able to join them soon!!

  3. virginia white

    just one big mustang lover sure hope you can get the mares home. you know what is really cool these big reach registerd horse owners the ones who raise the ones with the real dark blue coloring on their head lighter on the rest of the body and there they are running wild on the desert. the laugh is on them same way they do with the paint horses and I have seen them on here in yaws pictures looking just as good with as much color to. same with the appaloosas to they have full blankets as the registered ones do. that is neat yaw have wild curly mustangs as well. yaw have a lot of gorgeous horses out there that yaw have saved . well guess I better close now if not I will just keep writing I am one big time horse lover. see yaw virginia

  4. Melanie Humphrey

    Thank GOD for all you do to save these wild treasures. My heart goes out to all the horses, and the wild horses will forever be on my prayer list to preserve and protect.

  5. Janet Curtis

    no clue how to find a fb pg of washington breeders so no i cannot find it if u do id love to know how he is and how they will use him. im very sad he was the one who didnt get to go.to sancturary.

  6. dawndi Post author

    Janet: There is a link to the FB page of the people who purchased the Grulla. I’m sure you can
    follow him there.

  7. Janet Curtis

    what will become of the 25 yr old gruella they wanted they begged ppl not to outbid them so he went to washington breeder? how do we know how he is? hes going to be lonely and USED! upsetting im so not happy he didnt get to yr sanctuary. awful breeders that shouldnt have happened

  8. Jacquelyn H.

    Thank you, Horse & Man, for this wonderful article about our rescue adventure. The senior Sulphur “boys” are safe and sound at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Please stay tuned as we prepare to rescue the senior mares — the boys want their girls back! It will be quite a family reunion.

    May Freedom Reign,

  9. janet schultz

    All of the horses on the online adoption were bid on except 2. The ugly ducklings. The wild horses belong free and without man or woman deciiding who they breed with and when. Watch the Kaufman pens – many wild horses go through there. Feel free to bid on them. Caution however – their prices are a bit more than the prices got these formerly wild and free beauties for.

  10. Kimberlee Leslie

    So happy! I am completely in love with that 14 year old stud and dreamed of making him mine, but I just don’t have the facilities right now (or the property, searching to fix that!) to have brought him home. I would love to buy a purebred colt or filly from him one day. He is such a great example of the Spanish type Sulphur aka California Vaquero Horse. I have been involved with this breed for the past 14 years and have bred only three quality individuals in this ALBC listed critically endangered breed. Hopefully I will be able to expand my breeding program with Maximus (a purebred stud of this breed recently died that had that name. Sulphur’s Anhur Maximus was his reg. name. An own grandson of the famous Sulphur’s Chance and great grandson of the legendary Blue Stallion) in the future.

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