A Trip to the ER, a Beautiful movie about Spring and rebirth – AND WE DID IT!


I spent a considerable amount of time in the ER today.

I’m fine.

At least I can say that this time, a horse didn’t do it.

(I’m kidding here, I’ve never been hurt directly by a horse.)

I just caught something bad that had to be dispatched.

The ER McDreamy knew exactly what ailed me and he gave me the cure – or so I hope.

In any event, considering the trauma recently in Colorado (bowing head), I’m not complaining…

Hubby is making dinner and I’m recouping.

So, in light of my rather compromised self, I thought it fitting to bring to you this BEAUTIFULLY shot time-lapse video of Spring…

But it isn’t your ordinary time lapse video of flowers blooming and the sun rising and setting…  This video is a unique venture that did captivate me.

Look for the hummingbird who does an acrobatic flight to catch a flying insect and the bat with a baby on its belly.

I felt uplifted watching this and I hope you do, too.

THE PHOTOS BELOW don’t do this video justice.  These tiny shots just don’t show the magnificence.

Truly… this video is a work of art.


This is the acrobatic hummingbird just before he takes off for his incredible flight!


Beautiful cacti flowers and the bats who pollinate them…


And of course, awesome blossoms opening…




10,000 FB LIKES for the Salt River Wild Horses!

Now it is up to the people leading this crusade to rally the troops and circle the wagons.

Bravo, readers.



AWESOME. The power of the Internet. You readers are totally awesome!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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