A TRIBUTE TO ALEX MOONEY. She was truly a warrior.

As you all know, I showed Morgan horses for many years.

During all of those years of showing, I met some wonderful people.  One of them was Sally Plumley.  She and I chaired a few Stallion Auctions and I adored her.  Sally’s daughter was/is Sara Plumley (now Sara Breyman) who was a young morgan horse trainer back when I first purchased Mama Tess.

Sara and her then husband, Mike Mooney, trained Mama Tess for a time – as well as Aladdin, my trail riding partner for years.

Sara and Mike had a darling daughter named Alex.  Immediately, Alex took to horses.  She was riding before she could walk.

Alex showing as a little one.

Alex with the barn stallion. Both such gentle souls.

But, then the unimaginable happened.  Alex wasn’t breathing correctly… and she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.

And yet, they carried on.   Through thick and thin, Alex lived her life in an amazingly strong and full – as robust as possible – way.  She rode, she showed, she traveled, she tried and tried and tried to heal.  Two double lung transplants and experimental medicines… she lived 27 years.

Today, her parents, friends and family – as well as thousands of unknown friends from Alex’s Army (amassed by her family on social media as prayer and support) – mourn the end of the trail for Alex.  Two months ago she showed her horse.   This month, pneumonia and a blood clot in her lung.

Alex showing at The Morgan Grand National and World Championships

With baby Desi.

She knew the end was near and she grabbed onto her life and wrestled it to the ground.  She did everything possible.  And so should we, in her honor.

Alex’s last words:  “I’m jumping on Secretariat!”

Alex passed yesterday.  Everyone, feel the love and send Alex your thumbs up.

Alex with her favorite horse, Desi, who she bred and trained. Alex told all of her followers on FB that this is the photo that she kept by her bedside to keep strong during this last week.

FROM Stacia Klein (Alex’s best friend since childhood)

I can hear your laugh, coming deep from your belly. It was so easy to make you laugh.
I can hear your cry, whether from frustration or a sad movie. You had a big heart that felt strong emotions.
I can hear you cough, the constant struggle it took to get air to your lungs too often.
I can hear your voice talking about our dreams in this life, the sound of determination and strength.
I can hear you yelling at a horse because he stepped on your foot, then the next minute laughing and leaning forward in the saddle like a jockey galloping through the desert without a care in the world.
I can hear the sound of your vest machine, 3 times a day- every day.
I can hear the sound of the nebulizer and hear you trying to talk with it in your mouth. I think only I could understand your mumbles.
I can remember how competitive you were with those board games I was so bad at, they kept us busy and distracted during the hospital stays.
I remember how bad you wanted to have a normal life, but you were so much better than a normal person. And you made everyone around you a better person.
You touched the lives of every family member, friend, doctor, nurse, and every animal you met. Even people who never met you- you made an impact.
Most importantly I can feel your hugs. You were freakishly strong when it came to those hugs. I will always cherish those hugs.
I am so lucky to have spent my childhood with you. For the good and the bad, the happy and the sad and every little thing in between.
I’m feeling very angry because life is not fair and I wish you were still here.
That anger fuels me to live my life for you.
I will cherish every day and do my best to live a full life for you just how you taught me to.
Every time I sit on a horse, I will ride for you.
Every time I take a breath, I will breathe for you.
You are irreplaceable, not a day will go by that I don’t miss you. You have always been and will always will be my sister, my best friend, my lobster.
I love you. Rest, and breathe easy.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me today. I just don’t have my head on straight to respond or read through facebook yet. You all made her life so special and full. Alex’s Army is the best. ?

Alex is on the left, in red.

GODSPEED, ALEX, YOU WERE VERY LOVED.  You ride that Secretariat!  You ride and breath as he does…deeply, and freely.

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  1. dawndi Post author

    I’m so sorry to have upset you. That was never my intention. I had only hoped to honor Alex.
    Sara did contact me and I’m happy to make the edits she requested.

  2. dawndi Post author

    Omgosh Sara… I’m so sorry to have upset your Aunt and you even more. That was not my intention. I was merely so moved and wanted to honor all of you and the Amazing Alex. I’m happy to edit out
    any issue or to take it down. I will certainly take out the Hawaii reference. And I’m happy to quote Stacie instead of you. My intention was only – from afar – to shine a light on Alex for so many who
    had never known her – my readers. Huge hugs from here. I’m so sad for you all – but happy that she is jumping Secretariat.

  3. Sara Breyman

    Hi hon.. so unfortunately Alex didn’t make the Hawai’i trip with us this year she went last year, this year was her big horse show @ the same time. Also, her best friend said what I’m saying is quoted … that’s Stacia Klein’s words, though I would have said them the same but she did it even better.. ?????

  4. Alexandra V.

    I am Alex Mooney’s Aunt. We appreciate the thought of honoring our sweet Alex. However, you have misquoted her mother and there are spelling errors in the document. She did not write those words. Alex’s best friend did. On behalf of her mother, please take the document down or correct your errors immediately. Thank you.

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