A beautiful photo for Mother’s Day.

I found this photo and I thought it was beautiful.  You never know who will fill the role of Mama – when you don’t have one of your own.

Here is the story associated with this photo.

This brings back memories! This photo was taken the day that Esmé met her dear friend Millie (or Mielie, as she is now known as). Millie is a Thaba Manzi Pedi Lamb, much like Lammie, whom many have grown to love and adore over the past years. These pedi sheep have a wonderfully maternal instinct, and are very protective and caring towards those that they form close bonds with. In essence, they become like a surrogate mother. Over the years we have seen great success in encouraging bonds between some of the orphaned animals in our care, and this breed of sheep.

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Read the full article here: https://hesc.co.za/…/rescued-rhino-esme-meets-her-new-frie…/



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