Have you heard of Kizzy and Ettie’s Pony Adventures? Darling mare, darling girls.

Have you heard of Kizzy and Ettie’s Pony Adventures?  I hadn’t either until this darling video showed up in my box.

I’m sorry I could only find it on FB.  I usually try to find the You Tube version, but there wasn’t one…

Anyway, this little horse is so willing and upheaded!  The little girl has NO FEAR.  They are a great team and I love watching them.  Just look at her seat!  And the pony is so balanced!

I would have died and gone to heaven to have a perfect little pony like this when I was that small.  Such a great beginning!

You can follow this little girl and Cinderella here.

Click to go to their FB page

Click here to go to their FB page.

You can watch their trotting video here.  “Cinderella, Whoosh!”  Very cute.

Other photos from their FB page.

How fun!

A great shot.

Such a cute girl and such a cute mare!

And cute helmet decorations.

Darling. Love the skirt, too!


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