Today, we travel to Paso to visit some friends!


The hats he painted are below…

These are the three hats he wore (and painted here) from the movie ON GOLDEN POND

Made me laugh

Donkeys do this, and I love it about them… If you have room, adopt 2 donkeys. (Yes, he is wearing sweats – he has a wound that needs healing and he keeps biting it.)


If you know the song, you’ll smile…

I love this kind of engineering.

I could live here…

I wish I knew the story… the dog looks so proud.

My dogs would not wear this, but I wish they would.

I’ve used this before, but I love it.

This little, tiny bird was rescued and is now grown!

Gorgeous wild ones. Guess which one is the stallion…

Beautiful, healthy, roany wild horses.


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Today, we have a morning meeting about the wild horse documentary … and then I will probably see who I can love on between bursts of rain.   Just a peaceful Saturday…


Good Mama.

Another great idea.

I would feel happy here

Id be REALLY HAPPY here.

So organized. I’m impressed… they even have paintings of each face!

This is the delivery system of an old time department store. Look how they all stand so quietly.

Gorgeous and healthy wild ones

Cycle of life

Wow! In Manhatten.

Empire Mine is the CA State Park where I ride. It is about 25 mins from my home. The mine is closed and now it is a park.

Yes. I could do this, too!

I don’t know if this is photoshopped… but either way, I love it. I love the colors, too.

I wrote about Harvey a while back… an amazing story.

Gorgeous wild ones.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!