Come join me on this beautiful evening…

I just took a stroll around…

(PS:  Tomorrow, I am going to write the story of new horse Dominic.)


Boy Kitty. We all lost his sister a month ago, which was very sad. But, in a way, he’s come out of his shell since she’s been gone. Here he is on my lap. He has become very affectionate.   All the cats are 15 years-old and have been here since they were kittens – rescued as feral barn cats.  They aren’t feral…..

Norma Jean is 30 this year. I stopped writing her FB page because I was so worried she wouldn’t make the move. But, she seems OK. She’s on pergolide. She has to wear all kinds of gear to keep the biting flies off of her. But, she’s happy.

Princess Buttercup Pebbles.  She has a BLM brand. When we rescued her, she had a halter imbedded in her face. So, I kinda get why she fears halters.  This summer is the summer she learns that people and a halter are OK. She’s very sweet.

Ethel Merdonk. This gal is older than anyone thought when we rescued her, I think… She is more blind and more hard of hearing than Norma Jean. Also, she’s got a skin thing I’m noticing as she’s shedding out (very unevenly). So, I’ll be treating that.

Finn, Mo and Missy Miss. They all want whatever Gwen is getting.

I’m always leaving a hat on a hook in the barn… do you do that? This little kitty is 15 year-old barn cat Baguerra. She may be the smallest but she is also the meanest. Everyone gets out of her way. The funniest thing she does is climb down the barn posts backwards –  like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

Dominic. I have no idea what color he will be. When he came in October, he was a blue roan.  (Yes, he is very friendly and curious.). That is Pebbles in the background.

It has been 18 years. Time to paint the fence. It looks really great and I’m very pleased.

The barn is now like the Winchester Mystery House (maybe only Californians will know that reference…). I keep building on and building on. Now Gwen has a patio, a sun room and a fan room. I still need to get chicken wire all around the bottom so the dogs cannot get into he barn. For now, I have roadblocks.  Everything that was stored in the barn is now surrounding Gwen.  I will buy chickenwire!

Beautiful Spring in Grass Valley. My Mom gave me that rose bush many years ago. I’m surprised, with all the renters, that it has survived. Now it is a tree.  A rose Tree.

This is our girl, Gwen, last night.   — Two months ago, when Norma Jean was in the barn with her laminitis, I built this little paddock in a spare space above the barn, for her to recover. But then it rained and rained so she stayed in the barn while recovering and she’s now out in her regular paddock.   But last week I thought, hmmmm and I asked the helper guys to weed whack in there. They did. I let it all dry. Then I put Gwen in last night for 30 minutes. She was so happy! I don’t want to keep her prisoner the barn. I also don’t want to aggravate her foundered foot. Happy medium. I figure she should be as happy as a terminal patient can be happy. She walked up there, no problem. She walked all around the 34×34 paddock. She walked back. And today, she was fine. So we shall see…


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A little Sunday ‘Bucket List’ checkoff.

I think this was on both of their Bucket Lists…

This is Gwen and Boy Kitty.  They’ve lived together for 15 years and I think this is the first time he has let her sniff him – and she has tried and tried.

A triumph for both!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!