So Excited!

Having a proper gate has been on my Wish List for about 20 years.

And out of nowhere – and I mean that, I wasn’t searching – I saw a FB post from our friends at the V6 Ranch in Parkfield, CA.  It referenced their new gates.  Here is a photo of the new gate.

The FB post went on to say that their son, Brinan Varian, made it.

Hmmmmm.  So I messaged Brinan’s sister, who had created the post, and asked if her brother would consider making a (smaller) gate for my driveway.  She gave me his phone number.  I texted Brinan.


Parkfield is 5 hours away from Grass Valley.  But it was really close when we lived in Paso Robles.  So, we know the Varian family.  The father, John Varian, can build anything.  So, I knew that Brinan, the son, was probably a chip off the old block, so to speak.

When Brinan texted me back and asked for measurements, I went down to the gate, took photos and measurements, and sent it all off to Brinan.

He said he’d come up with a design and price.


And I waited, but not too long.

This is the photo I sent to Brinan


Brinan sent a few pics, a detailed description as well as the price.

I looked a the design and the price and said to myself, “OMGosh, I can actually afford this!”  So, I texted back immediately and sent a deposit check in the mail.  Excited!

After a few conversations about making sure the gates weren’t taller than I was… and the they were low enough to the ground so the dogs couldn’t get out… Brinan set about creating the gates.  I think within 2 weeks they were done (Wow!).  However, the torrential rains we (in California) were having never let up long enough for him to drive down and install them over three days.  So we actually waited for 3 months for 3 clear days, if you can believe that!

But last week, the weather finally said it would clear (it actually ended up raining anyway, but only lightly).  So Brinan came down.  He drove 6 hours to get here.

He sent a few drawings and detailed descriptions.

He walked me through what he had drawn and measured.


I had assumed that Brinan would bring a crew.  But I was wrong.  This guy was totally dialed in.  He had everything he needed on his trailer: a small tractor, a generator, his welding equipment, lumber, concrete… everything.  He asked me for nothing and did the total install by himself.

Here are some photos.

Oh and the gates are all steel.  The side fences are wood encased in steel.  The hinges have ball bearings so they swing easily.  It is amazing.

He had everything he needed on his trailer.

The gates and the generator and welding equipment

I loved the tree stump!

He worked the first afternoon, the next day, and the morning of the third day. He put up those steel posts himself. He set all the fence posts himself.

Here he is, welding the frames for the side pieces.

The metal frames for the wood.

One side finished.

He did all of this by himself, using his tractor.


Here is the final.  This photo doesn’t do the gate justice.  It is majestic.  Everyone who has seen it has been wowed.

I could have chosen any design, but I wanted to make sure no dogs could escape – and that no one really thought they could just ‘come in’ when I’m here alone.  I think we accomplished all my needs while keeping the art and beauty.

Hubby came home from a work trip and was astounded.  He loves it!

I am so very happy.  It is incredible.   And so much value for what I paid.  Really.  A gift.


If you would like a gate, contact Brinan through the V6 Ranch!  Here is their website.  And, the V6 is an amazingly fun guest ranch.  The family owns it and has owned it for years.  It is private and they have wonderful horses and a gorgeous setting.  You can read my post about the V6 here.

They have a beautiful lodge built by John Varian (the father).  Also, they have an amazing cafe… and the patriarch (grandfather) tells stories about nurturing the land… such a lovely place.

Click image to go to website

Gorgeous, right? This photo was taken a few years ago. That’s me on the far right, waving.



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TODAY, I have purchased a bunch of wildflower seed packets… I’ll scrape and spread and see what grows!



I follow this talking bird on IG. Very cute guy.

Now THAT girl can ride anything, I’m sure.

Nightmares are made of these – although I’m sure it is a nice bird.

Dog side-eye when you dress him in something he doesn’t think suits him.

Made me laugh.


Reminds me of the horse tail from last week!

I cannot believe how fast it is going…

I love this dogpile.

GORGEOUS Wild ones.

They aren’t starving…

I love the muzzles!

GREAT shot!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!