TODAY, I don’t know what I will do … it is raining again, but not as hard or for as long.  I might just go grocery shopping and then relax!  Imagine that?!


Mother Nature is so artistic!

Gorgeous wild ones!


I really miss having babies around…

This made me spit my coffee.

Artists are amazing to me. So much better…


I used to wonder where they got the inspiration for all of the StarWars characters…

I love stuff like this…

Indoors Outdoors. If I ever get the chance, I want something like this. But I’ll need to learn to cook and entertain, I guess…

Best friends.


Such a gorgeous color! Roan? Brown? Grulla?

I do not understand when human say that animals have no feelings…

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Today, we are having company!!  This is the first time in our old, new home!  The kitchen and bathroom are still not finished and I’ve hung no artwork… but it is good enough for now!



I’m not a tattoo person, but this one is astounding. If I was younger, I would do this.


I cannot even estimate how long that took to put up – and how long it will take pack it all away… Maybe they leave it up all year.

Yeah, no worries. I don’t care what the temp is today, or any day…

Kea parrot from New Zealand… wow!

Great idea.

I know it is photoshopped because no horse is that white for more than the moment he leaves the crossties… But still!

A great use of kitty litter containers. I wonder if they have little ladders for the top row?

A gorgeous wild family.

The aftermath of an owl hunt.

When I was growing up in San Francisco, my Dad used to take me to Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum on Fisherman’s Wharf. They had stuff like this there.

My fav pic of the week! At first, I couldn’t figure it out. Then, I realized that someone snuck up on this horse and took a lovely photo – because the horse trusted and loved this human photog.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!