TODAY, I am out of town.  Interestingly, CA finally stopped raining… and where I am, it is raining.  Ha!


Not something you see everyday…

This is so perfect, to me.

That is a leaf.

California now grows the most pistachios than anywhere… It is interesting to see the beautiful pods on the trees – around here, we miss the harvest and never see this.

Gorgeous garden in Oregon

Yup, this is me, my feeder can attest.

So simple and so perfect. I’m sure there is ice underneath.

This is so great to see… we drove past this view yesterday.

Artists are amazing.

These are cupcakes.

Awesome. I’ve never seen this on a tree trunk. What a great repurpose!

And a gorgeous wild one.

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I don’t like to cook, but I do like to feed.

Hubby always tells people, when referring to me, that ‘she doesn’t like to cook, but she loves to feed“!

And it is true.

I don’t derive any pleasure in cooking.  I mean, if I have a podcast on or maybe something on You Tube playing, I can make sense of spending the time cooking – because I’m also listening to something I’ve wanted to listen to but didn’t have the time.

But, if I have to just COOK, it isn’t for me.  ALL of my recipe books have the words, “quick” or “10 minute” in the title.  I like fresh – but it also has to be fast.

However, give me an animal to feed, and I’m in heaven.  I don’t care how long it takes to prepare his food or medicine.

I love it!

As long as I have the funds to feed properly, it is a task I welcome.  For me, there is nothing better than seeing healthy equines!  Bring on the dapples and the shine!

Here we have Princess Buttercup Pebbles, Norma Jean and Ethel Merdonk – all having dinner.

Dominic waiting for his bucket. (This is not a very flattering photo of Dominic, my fault, but I wanted you to see all of his colors! I see every possible color of horse on his body right now!)


I gave up putting my tack in my tack room because it is full of feed and medicines.   Are you like that?  My tack is in my trailer.

Every time I open my tack room door, I smile.  Mostly because I haven’t had a barn for 6.5 years and it means so much to me to have this part of my life with my horses – back.  I’m so grateful.

Yes, I could cook for my animals all day long, but for me, nah.

Finn, Mo and Missy Miss, wondering why Gwen gets a bucket TWICE a day… (Yes, it is still muddy here in water soaked Northern California.)

28 year-old Queen Gwen, having her second bucket of the day.

While she eats, I make up her bed.

She gets particular senior feeds and chopped hay. I have no issue preparing all of this for her… I could do this for an hour. But I would dread spending an hour cooking.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!