Rainy Days and Mud Days always get me down…

Rainy Days and Mud Days always get me down…

Remember that Karen Carpenter song?  Yeah, I found myself humming it today.

Rainy days and Mud Days alwaaaays get meeeeee dooown.

The rain and mud didn’t bother me too much in Grass Valley, because the mud was normal mud.  You know, just …mud.

Here in Paso Robles, the mud is CLAY.  Sticky, sloppy, scary Clay.

And, here it is again.

I guess I shouldn’t complain because California needs the rain… but I AM complaining just a bit.  When I win the lottery, I am either going to bring in the biggest earth moving equipment available and change the entire lay of this land, or I will buy a different place – when I win the lottery.

But for now, I just have to make due.  And the poor horses have to make it work, too.  I find myself giving them lots of treats when the weather is muddy…


This is Annie. She was tired of standing in her shelter, so she came out to eat in the uncovered eating area. She must have also taken a nap in the mud. See the hanging mudballs in her mane?!  Argh. I had to cut them out. She had them in her tail, too. No where that I have lived did the horses get clay mud balls in their manes and tails. Huge, massive clay balls.

I swear she was asking me to make the mud go away.  Her dry area is to her left side, by the wall.

This is what she was standing in… and this is why I cannot go into their paddocks when it gets like this. Instant header. I fall all the time when I am in there because the ground is uneven and sloppy slippery. Oh, and it is all treacherously downhill.

This is Wrigley. He has mud balls in his tail, but I cannot get to him – in this sloppy mud. Once he comes to the fenceline, I can cut out the big mud balls.

It is only really bad around their feeders. Both Gwen and Wrigley could spend more time in the higher and drier parts of their 2 acres. Or they could be in their shelter, which is at the uppermost point. But, they prefer to be by the fence and at the feeders, of course.

This is Wrigley’s neck. Luckily, he doesn’t grow much of a mane, so he doesn’t house mudballs. Look at the ground by his feet. UGH.

This is BG – she has a strand of hay in her hair and eye… She hasn’t been mud bathing. She is under her shelter, but there is runoff from the hill that pours into this paddock as well.

Finn has been napping in the mud.

This is my boy kitty. He is unhappy with all the wet.

As you can see, the area has greened up incredibly in just this week of total rain. All the hills and pastures are green.

These two are very smart. They stay in the dry part. Missy Miss and Mo. You can see how green the lower pasture is now and how the hill behind us is also greening.

Dodger and Norma Jean, being the elders of the ranch, have the most dry space and the most flat pasture. They stay dry unless they choose to roll around in the wet – which Dodger does occasionally. Again, you can see how green the pastures are behind them.

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 | Filed under PUPDATE

Today, a Puppy Update!

Whirling cyclones.  That is how I would describe them.  Spinning, barking, whining, howling, dirt spewing, wrestling, crazy, boneless, totally bonkers puppies!


My former puppies from the last 20 years have been Mastiffs.  Mastiffs are big, lumbering, quiet, silent, sleepy and mostly lazy babies.  They stay that way most of their lives, unless duty calls.

I didn’t realize how amazingly easy and simple it was to raise Mastiffs.  So.  Easy.


When I first started this blog, I had Nadia and Nomar.  Here is their baby pic.  They were English Mastiffs and we loved them dearly.  Nadia passed at 8.5.  Nomar lived until he was 11.5.  They were amazing and awesome.  Great dogs.  HUGE, great dogs.

Nadia and Nomar. English Mastiffs. They were awesome dogs and very quiet puppies.


Then, 6.5 years ago, we adopted Atticus and Scoutypants.  When they were just puppies, Atticus was poisoned and died.  Actually, all three dogs at that time,  were poisoned.  Scoutypants and Shiva survived.  As you all know, Scoutypants passed in December.  No words.

These were Italian Mastiffs.  I never heard Scouty bark, ever.  Or maybe once.  She was silent.  They were both quiet puppies and mostly very sedate.  Scouty was a calm, silent, quiet adult.  The perfect office dog.  She was a huge, big, fierce, bulldozer of a beautiful girlfriend.

Atticus on the left, Scouty on the right. This was our Xmas card that year.

Atticus in back, Scouty in front. Quiet, calm puppies. Calm, quiet adults.


Vivienne (black) and Violet (tri) are littermates.  Except they don’t look like littermates because one takes after the Mom (Walker Coonhound) and the other takes after whatever Dad was… we think Lab/Pit.

They are adorable.  No question.  Vivey is the thinker.  Very smart.  Learned to sit immediately.  Violet is the lovey-dovey, rolley-polley, brute of a puppy.

These guys fight constantly.  Or play… but it sounds light fighting.  No one gets hurt, but no one ever wins, either.  Which is why, I think, they keep the battle going.  No one has taken the lead in putting her paw down.  I think Vivey is actually the tougher one, but Violet just sits on her.

During the day, they are mostly in the backyard, ruining it.  They run and play, sleep and eat, all day long.  You’d think they’d be worn out by bedtime, but that would be a glorious dream.

They wake us up at 11pm, 2am and 3:30am and 5am.  We are hoping this will end soon.  Google says that they sleep through the night at 16 weeks.  4 more weeks to go.  (Begging doggods and crossing fingers…)  Thank goodness they are cute or  Hubby and I would have moved out by now and left them the house.

These were their Craigslist photos. 7 weeks. Adorable, right?!

They follow me all around the yard from inside their yard. (Yes, the house is still gawdawful carney blue.)

Hubby took this on Xmas day. So, 2+ weeks ago. They never stop moving. Most pics of them are a blur.  (Violet and Vivienne)

Here they are on the other side of their yard. They are getting bigger.

I’m using the puppygate outside of my office as one of those measuring walls. On the left is 11 weeks. The right is 12 weeks. (I need to position myself at the same place from now on…Because I know they are bigger this week, but since i was further away from them, they look the same size.)




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