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When I hear about a healthy, strong, vital 22 year-old BLM mustang who lived for so long successfully in the wild… and then was CAPTURED… and now deemed worthless due to age…


But in the BLM corrals, EDDY is disposable.   He was just too old.  Luckily, a very big-hearted adopter got him out of those disgusting pens in hopes that someone would help Eddy the rest of the way.

Let’s do that!  Let’s help Eddy by supporting his gentling – and giving him back a new life!  This gorgeous, strong mustang lost his home, but he is still who he has always been and he wants to survive – and survive well.  Let’s give him life in the human world.  Let’s show him what is good about humans!

LET’S SPONSOR EDDY!  WE CAN GIFT HIM GENTLING WITH HONOR so he can find a loving, forever home.

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At 22 years, we took away his freedom.

Is there a more godly creature than a successful, wild horse?!  JUST LOOK at Eddy!  This horse is a stoic, muscled, healthy prime example of survival of the fittest.  He is a specimen of what is RIGHT about wild horses.  And yet, after capture, because of his age, he is deemed worthless.  How could any wild horse be worthless?  How could this incredible being be worthless?


These glorious photos were taken by photographer Kate Mehmet of Kya Photography in hopes of garnering help for Eddy.  During the photo session, the onlookers gave these descriptors of Eddy:

Wise and brave
Intense presence

And through all of those learned behaviors to keep him and his band safe, Eddy has already learned to take treats, eat from a hay bag, come when called and to not put his hind quarters near the human.  All very, very good signs.

LET US PLEASE help Eddy be gentled so he can find a forever home.  He doesn’t have to be ridden, he just has to be a good citizen.  And his age is no issue in learning how wonderful humans can be…

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Did you know that there is a FB Group called: HIP REPLACEMENT FOR HORSE PEOPLE ?! I didn’t know either, but it is sure helping me get through this! Maybe it will help you or someone you know!

Sunday, December 1st, 2019 | Filed under Medical

Well, tomorrow will be a month since I had my left hip replaced.  To be honest, I thought I’d be healed and back to business by now… and I’m not.

This was my leg the day I got home from the hospital.

What I can tell you is that everyone’s experience with healing is different.  I know this because I’ve joined a FB group called, “Hip Replacement for Horse People“.    While I was prepping for surgery, a reader told me about the group.  So, I joined.  Figured it was a good thing – the more information, the merrier.

However, I must say, AFTER the surgery is when I’ve really turned to this group.  You can ask anything (I know from experience), and someone will answer.   You can scroll through all the posts and learn SO MUCH.  Topics range from the fears leading up to surgery, anterior vs posterior approach, meds, mobility, tricks to get around, tricks to solve issues, rehab treatments… Am I making the right decision?  How long should I wait?… anything!

What has comforted me, is that I have learned from reading through the miles of posts, that everyone heals at a different pace.  Everyone heals, stops the meds/canes/bed rest at different times.  It is all relative to you and your body – alone.  So, whatever you wonder about, whatever issues you need help solving, this group will answer your call.

And best of all, they ALL want to get back in the saddle again.  They all speak of their horses and understand what it is like to hurt when riding, to not be able to mount, to not be able to ride… to not be able to go out and stand solidly next to your horse… all that stuff.  They all understand your future goals – which is sometimes more than one can get from Doctors.

I figure, since you are in bed anyway … not doing much … may as well learn up, right?!

So, here is the link, if you or a friend could use it.  Hip Replacement for Horse People.

Click to go to site


For any of you out there who are facing total hip replacement, my two cents:

  1.  Be as healthy as you can going into surgery (Don’t try to get every. single. thing. done right up to the moment you go in, like I did.)
  2.  If you have a tall mattress, put a single step stool (with arms) next to the bed.
  3.  Take your meds on time.  Don’t forget.
  4.  Take your ExLax as prescribed.  I know, a messy topic but very important.
  5.  Rest.  Ice.  Rest.  Give yourself this time.
  6.  Find a place where you put your phone and cane, every time… so you can find them when you need them in the dark.
  7.  Pick a good Doctor with lots and lots of reviews.
  8.  Read up on posterior vs anterior approach – before you find your DR, because some do one or the other.  You need to find who does what you want – and who comes highly recommended.
  9.  This surgery is not for sissies.  Many people do it and many people are very happy with the results, but is it MAJOR SURGERY.  Prepare your body and be as strong as possible.  Honor the process.
  10. The pain I feel now, after surgery, is TOTALLY DIFFERENT, than the pain I felt before surgery.  This pain, I know will go away.


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