Today, we are in our cabin in Oregon.  I think we will try to kayak and maybe even check out the pickleball.  We didn’t think we’d like playing, but it is FUN!


I love this.

It took me a long time to figure this out… (hint: it is a water bird)

Oh My Gosh! This is extraordinary.

Beautiful. Those who are cruel to animals have disregarded that we are all animals… we all feel.

I’m going to do this!

Gorgeous. Such special lighting.

The stories it could tell…

Beautiful. I cannot remember if this is Oregon or California. If anyone knows, please let me know.

I love foal season.

This must be in a very playful park somewhere.

OMG I would do the exact same thing!!

Too cute!

Yes, take me there, Calvin.

A new Morgan mom.  (Yes, she needs a new halter.)

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Today, I think I will groom most of them… they were shedding and the flies were coming – but then it rained – so they are all confused.  A good groom would be nice!


This is a great idea!! Take an old trailer and build a feeding shed!

So simple yet so perfect.


Gorgeous shot. Photo by @markjdrury

So you follow Peggy and Molly on IG? Well, Molly, the bird, was taken from this home by wildlife professionals… and finally returned this week. Molly’s love for his dog, Peggy, is obvious.

The lifecycle of one of my favs

Artists are so clever.


For me, this kind of stuff just grabs at my heart. I do miss my career sometimes.  (This is a miniature of a coliseum for a movie.  Now you will see it…

Wow! You don’t see this shower every day.

This makes me want to just do it.

Found at a hotel in Nevada.



I shed a few tears. Poem by Miska Paget

Salt River Wild Horses. Beautiful.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!