Ballerina Syndrome in a filly, kicked in teeth/eye in a stud and a gelding with founder. MAY BUCKET FUND! LET’S HELP THESE POOR AUCTION HORSES!

Hello Everyone!  I haven’t written a Bucket Fund post in a while – mostly for personal reasons… BUT THIS ONE is pulling me to my computer.  I’m so upset.  These three were set to ship to slaughter  in Mexico TONIGHT.  Could you imagine the pain of that very long journey for these three?!  Horrible.

Although these horses drew the short straw in their lives so far… tonight we hope to get them the critical care that they need.  We can help!

I’m so disgusted that I’m begging all of you – if you are moved like I am moved – to donate whatever feels right.  Every penny counts.  Every donation is 100% tax deductible and every cent goes to these horses.  Please let’s get them out of their pain and into their lives!

These horses have been evaluated and all can be helped!

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All three of these horses were tagged for direct ship to slaughter in Mexico TONIGHT. They were pulled and we can help! The black filly has Ballerina Syndrome, the grey gelding is foundered horribly, and the bay (papered) quarter horse was kicked in the mouth and eye – his teeth are no longer attached to the bone.  He needs surgery right away!


All were found at the meat auction in Bowie, TX – all were tagged to direct ship tonight. These three were pulled by All Seated in a Barn because it was unbearable to think of the pain they would suffer on this long haul to nowhere.  I’m writing this as they are being evaluated – it is very hectic back there.

They are safe, but they need immediate medical care.

The black filly, Alicia, has Ballerina Syndrome.  The is a cartilage issue that can happen in utero, from poor nutrition or from confinement.  The vets are optomistic.

The white gelding, Pete, is horribly foundered… but the miracle farrier, Pete, thinks he can save him (hence his name).

The poor quarter horse stallion, Ray,  is PAPERED and has won lots of money.  He was kicked in the mouth and eye.  He will need surgical repair and gelding surgery… and lots and lots of TLC to recover.  His front teeth are literally hanging, no longer attached to any bone in the front.  Just awful.


I am in direct contact with All Seated in a Barn and I will post follow up pics and the prognosis for each..

Please, let’s do this for them!

CLICK HERE TO DONATE.  100% tax deductible.  Thank you in advance!!!

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Pete thanks you.

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Today, I must mow and weed whack.  Grass Valley is named aptly… you should see it around here!


Birds are so beautiful.

I need this, too.  (Remember when it used to be fun to have someone come to your door?!)

Perfectly timed shot.


I love foaling season.

This new portrait of the King is so controversial… I, personally, really like it. I love the color red and I think his face is perfect.

People are so creative!

If you see one, don’t try to take a selfie with him!!


A sweet Uncle, taking care of the babies while they sleep.


Donkeys are THE BEST.

Same horse, different season. This is my Dominic, now called Willy Wonka. He is blue roan and black faced after shedding. He’s brown and white in winter. Mother Nature is amazing.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!