A Sunday stroll with Norma Jean

Saturday, July 8th, 2023 | Filed under Norma Jean

I am so enjoying letting Norma Jean (my 30 year-old donkey – I’ve had her for 28 years) roam around on her own.  She goes into the barn at night, but she is free to roam all day.

For me, just watching her make choices kinda thrills me.  I love watching her decide how she will spend her day!

I also love that she is feeling so much more secure, as she ages, because I’ve separated her from the others.  At first, I wasn’t sure she would accept being separate… but now I realize that she can visit them, but she is safe and not intimidated in any way.

You see, she had two choke episodes in the recent months.  I actually saw the second one happen, and it was because the pony came over when I was giving her a cookie, and he scared her so she gulped the cookie.

The lightbulb went on.  Norma may be in good condition for an old lady, but she knows that she is old and compromised… so best to separate her.  If I had another old horse (like her pony friends who passed), I would put her in with them.  But I don’t.  So, for now, she can visit whomever she likes whenever she likes.

She seems very happy and she looks good.

This makes me happy every time I catch her from one of the windows or when I’m outside.  I thought I’d share.


I took this pic from my office window. Norma is going into my garden. She ate quite a few plants before I shut the gate. Roses and new flowers from seeds.

Here she is visiting Dominic

Again from my office window. She is eating the green weeds around the tree that we irrigate.

Here she is, in the flowerbed in front of the house.

Back in the barn for a snack

Again from my office window. She’s eating the oak tree and the weeds.

In the circle of the circular driveway.

I love this one. She’s supervising the new fence line… and I like to think the souls of her two pony friends (Dodger and Slick) are with her.

Here she is strolling in front of the house.

This is where she is right now. I just took this pic as I type.

Enjoying her fans

I love giving this gentle, sweet old donkey – who has been with me for 28 years – a cozy, comfortable and hopeful life. She deserves it. I don’t think she has ever done anything wrong – ever.

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Saturday is PHOBLOG day!

Today, I will pick up a mare that I agreed to adopt.  I will probably spend most of the day hanging out with the horses – until it gets too hot.


I have to try this!

I love Mamas and babies.

Trees mean so much to me. (One of the reasons that Paso Robles didn’t work for me…).

Awww, I love this.

I wonder where this is? Deer in snow near water?…

I’m sad that libraries are not what they once were.

I saw an elephant first… you?


So pretty.

I think this is Moss Rock in Pismo, but not sure. Could be Europe. What a sweet path…

I want to explore this cabin.

Mama and babies.

Gorgeous wild one.

Lovely friends.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!