LG Bitless Bridles** I AM NO LONGER IMPORTING THE LG BRIDLES.  If you’d like an LG Zaum bridle, go here.

***If you have any issues, I can still import from Germany… just send me a note.


If you would like to order an LG Bridle (wheels, noseband and curbstrap – you use your headstall), use the form below. Please read the Ordering Information too.

These are the best bridles I’ve ever used, with bit or without. You can read my my review and post here.

Basically, this bridle concept creates enough pressure at the poll and on the nose to get the job done without upsetting the horse at all. Mine absolutely LOVE this bridle. I have 5 going in it. All disciplines, all doing well!

Read what others have said about the bridles:

I have been lazy keeping up these testimonials!  So sorry.  Here are two new testimonials from November and December of 2016:

–“My LG BRIDLE…love, love, love!  Tracy. (12/16)

Mary (11/16):

I have a confession. I purchased the LG years ago and it stayed in my tack trunk. Today I took Gulliver out and he was unbearable.He was mouthing the bit, dropping his big head, tossing his head and was a dork in general. So in frustration I got off and dug the LG out and put it on a bridle. I was amazed. He settled down and relaxed. So did I. I took him out for a little trail ride and he was really so relaxed. What a pleasure. I will probably have to get new leather pieces made because he is a little big for it being Shire. The second one is for my other Shire Henry who has an enormous head, so I definitely will have to get new leather pieces made.

Anyway love it! Thanks for introducing so many great things on your blog.

Hi Dawn
Just wanted to tell you have excited and happy I am with my new LG bridle!  It is so nice the difference, and how happy my horses are. I am also training my 2 year old in it and we have made great strides. So very excited.  Thank you so much for helping me get one. You were so helpful.


I really like it.  I don’t notice any difference in communication between using this or the snaffle.  My mare, on the other hand, loves not having metal in her mouth, and who can blame her for that? No more chewing on the bit, salivating and getting your teeth bumped into.  She’s happier and that makes me happier.  I don’t know if I’m imagining it or not but I actually think she responds faster with this than the bit.  More willing? Less resistant? Not sure.  Just sure that both of us are very happy with the LG!


I have already ridden my TB mare in the LG and am very impressed. The release is as immediate as reins, something I never had with the cross-under style bitless bridle.  It took her no time to adjust to the LG (the sheepskin noseband cover took about 2 minutes!) and I can discern no real difference in communicating when compared to a snaffle, but it’s obvious to me that SHE appreciates the difference!  Actually the only difference I notice is that she comes to a halt faster and with less resistance.  Amazing.


Hi Dawn.
Just wanted to thank you for making the LG bridle available and accessible. I am playing POLOCROSSE and using it. Soooo perfect. Now IF in an excited, hi energy run for the ball I happen to touch my horse a little too much I’m not in her mouth. So very happy. And so is she!!
I am an advocate for “softness”. This bridle gives me that and more!!
Thank you again.


LOVING THE LG ! Hopped on for the first ride with LG. Felt like a little kid, butterflies in the stomach….will I be able to stop?…..turn?……. no need to  worry. I love it. Horse loves it. Thumbs up. THANK YOU FOR ORDERING.


I continue to use the LG bridle you sold me of yours, a few months ago and it is the absolute BEST bitless i have ever used. And i truely have used them all! I have never had a bit in my Icelandics mouth and do not intend to.  But i started him in a Lindell ( sidepull) which was fine for very beginning stuff. Now that he is past JUST being started and ready to do a small amount of collection and learning to use his hind end more….using the LG ot was apparent the very first time…..that i was achieving exactly what i wanted and with very little effort (pressure).


I wanted to let you know how the LG bridle is working out – FANTASTIC!  I rode our very green mare with it, and she responded very well. She won’t take a bit (abuse from a trainer), so I had been riding her in a rope halter. So, the real test – I rode my gelding in the LG Bridle on a trail ride. He was more relaxed than with a bit… probably our best ride in the last year. Rode him the next day on another trail ride, and he was just as wonderful as the day before. When I have enough extra money I plan on ordering an LG Bridle in brown :)


AWESOME! This is my girl Delilah and me. She did GREAT!  Just did a quick 1/2 mile with her but what was most impressive was that I did it bareback. She was very responsive and seemed very comfortable with it. I love it. To give you an idea how big she is, I am 6’3″, so to control a 4 year old horse as big as she is with so little made a believer out of me. Thank you again.


I’ve been meaning to write for awhile.  The LG bridle is awesome!!! By far the best bitless I’ve tried. The release is finally right. It rides like a regular bridle. I’m so very pleased with it. Thanks for arranging the shipping and introducing me to the LG. I’m a total convert!!


I took him out for a ride around our property with our new LG so I could really check it out without anyone else around. His stop was better than ever. He was wonderfully light and cooperative and was really understanding my cues. The release in the bridle is exactly what I was looking for!


I got the LG Bridle much quicker than expected — on Monday the 14th actually. I only got a chance to try it out last night. The one ride was very good in my opinion. The brakes were much better than with my Dr Cook’s. My horse was responsive and less fussy than in his snaffle. Our turns on the haunches weren’t very good, but I assume this is me and not the bridle! since we just learned this recently. I believe his headset was better, too. Thank you so much for your help getting the LG Bridle!


I thought you might like to see the LG in action. Ace is the big bay in this video. You are welcome to use this for testimonial. I am VERY VERY happy with this bridle and will never use anything else. I did make some modifications, however. I was not at all impressed with the European leather…it seemed cheap. So I took the bridles to my friend’s saddle shop and he recreated the nose and chin straps for me using more sturdy and yet thinner leather. You weren’t kidding when you said that they were made for big horses! My Ace is 15.3 and my little Ali Cat is only 13.1! I had to have hers made super small. I did choose not to use the fleece. In our cow world, they simply looked ridiculous and didn’t really improve anything for my equine friends as far as I can tell…especially given that Paul made the straps more smooth all the way around.


Before I say anything else I want to say thank you for handling the orders for these LG Bridles. So many people would not feel comfortable enough to do business directly with a forien company and therefore would not have the opportunity to have this fantastic communications tool. This simple design is so effective it absolutely blew me away the first time I rode Belle in it. I received my bridle and tried it on my Belle and the thing that came to mind mostly is WOW! Belle could instantly understand my cues. It was like I bitted her except better because she didn’t exspend any attention chewing on it or trying to stretch out of it. I have had ridden Belle in a number of bitless options and nothing compares to the LG. My wife thinks that I am a marketers dream but I really just want the best communication tools for Belle and me and I now have it. My wife Robin incidentally thought that I was nuts when I bought the crossunder but now she uses nothing else and if she tries the LG she will be hooked as I am. We are also by the way hooked on the horsandman blog and the bucket fund. It really helps us feel connected to people that feel and think about horses the way we do. The bucket fund stories make me physicaly ache to help and have also inspired my wife and I to go back to the rescue where she adopted her horse and do a little volunteer work. Take care and thanks again.


Oh my! You sold me GOLD!!!!!!!!! This LG bridle is simple AWESOME. The best thing ever. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU x a million thank you to the power of a million.

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  1. Carole Williams

    I already have one and need another, black, no,chain, shanks
    I,will wait til you are ordering bulk
    Thanks Dawn

  2. regina milton

    I want to order the bitless bridle this will be perfect for my mare! Please contact me! Thank you regina

  3. Kayla

    Can you ship this Bridle to canada? Or is this strictly for the states? I’d love to get one.

  4. Stacey

    Thanks again Dawn for ordering these ,I recieved mine yesterday and holy high quality! Jr. and I will take it for a spin tonight.

  5. dawndi Post author

    Yes, they are $50 and I can add one for you when we order next. I’ll keep your note and email you when we order!

  6. Katherine Wheeler

    I would like to purchase 2 LG bitless bridles, brown with smooth curb, one for a thoroughbred and one for a quarterhorse/arab. I can wait for the group order. Thank you.

    Katherine Wheeler

  7. Sigrid Younger

    Hi I would like to order one for a draft cross. What measurements would you need. Thank you very excited to order
    Thank you Sigrid

  8. SUSAN




  9. Rebecca

    more information please and pictures of the LG with shank option? I have an interest in possibly purchasing an LG. Thank you

  10. Sally Boutiette

    Hi! Very interested in ordering one of these but can wait for the $125 price. When will you be ordering again?

  11. Pat Kellum

    I would like to order the bitless bridle, in black, with smooth curb. Can hardly wait. Just let me know how to pay. I can wait for the $125 price. Thank you so much and also for your wonderful blog!!!

  12. Christina Guajardo

    Hello. I would like to order the brown with the smooth curb chain. I do have a paypal. Please let me know when you are ready to order. Thank you! christina

  13. Sandy Plumb

    I would like to order and LG bridle for an Icelandic horse He is 13.2 his head is a little bigger than a refined cob size. Please advise.

  14. Elizabeth

    I’d like to get a bridle in brown with the chain – no rush.

  15. Linda Brune

    Would you please contact me. I want to order one of these bitless bridles.
    Thank you.
    Linda Brune

  16. Adrieanne Minervini

    Hi I would like to order an LG bridal in brown horse size with a leather chin strap

  17. Marie. teVelde

    Hi this is Marie(teVelde) again. I would like brown and smooth curb.
    Sorry about my stupidity but I don’t see a pay pal place on your site.
    Please direct me.
    Thank you Marie

  18. Martina Meyerhoeffer

    I would like an LG bridle in black leather with I think, smooth curb strap.Please let me know why I mite need the curb with chain ?
    I am willing to pay the extra charge if you are not ordering in the next couple of weeks.
    I have a Warmblood with a rather large beautiful head always needs oversized headstall,will the LG bridle fit?
    I have pay pal.

  19. Susan Morga

    I would like to get on the list to order an LG bitless setup.

    Black, smooth curb.

    Thank you.

    Susan Morgan

  20. Diane Drouillard

    Thank you for being kind enough to organize this! I would like to order a black LG bridle with a smooth curb. I have Paypal, if this helps.
    Thank you,

  21. Carole Williams

    I would like to order an LG bridle in Black with a smooth curb, once you have enough to place an order. I live in Canada, so if you could send me the payment information I will get it to you asap.

  22. Winterhorse

    Please contact me asap. I would like an LG Bridle for an Icelandic Horse we have here with mouth issues. The Dr. Cook bit less does not work well for us. Thanks!!

  23. Lea Valentine

    I am interersted in a brown one with a smooth curb. Can you purchase the shanks at the same time- sounds like a good addition for ones that really need softening…by the right set of hands!

  24. Lea Valentine

    I am interested in the LG bitless bridle- have been a solid Liz Graves fan for years, and she is touting them- should be great to start a couple of fillies in this year!

  25. dawndi Post author

    Hi Kathy… I am not a retailer. I just bring them in from Germany for people to try. I don’t have a store or stock or anything like that. I basically just get enough people together to facilitate an order from Germany where the shipping isn’t so expensive since there are more people to share in the costs. However, I will tell you that one would be fine for your horses because they are highly adjustable and you use your own headstall. So sorry that I don’t have any to donate!

  26. Kathy Grant

    I have a 501c3 non profit horse rescue in TN. We give trail rides to benefit the rescue. I do not believe in bits either, I use an Indian Bosal, and like the looks of yours. I would like to try them, but I have 15 horses that we use on the trails, and couldn’t possibly afford to order all. Would you consider a discount or to donate any to our rescue? We could give you a tax deductible receipt for your donation and we also would send our adopters to you to get their headstalls.

    Please consider, as you have wonderful looking head stalls, and I wouldn’t mind recommending you to them for their head stall needs.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Kathy Grant, Founder/CEO
    Mustang Alley Horse Rescue
    Greeneville, TN

  27. Laura Knipfer

    I would also like to be put on the list to order an LG Bridle. I would take one now in any color if you still had any on hand, otherwise, I’d like to order in brown, smooth curb strap. Thank you! I am excited to try it on some of my auction rescue horses that have unknown backgrounds as well as starting my own youngsters with it.

  28. Jayne Himes

    I would love to order a LG bridle in brown with a smooth curb once you have enough to place an order. Please send me the payment information and I’ll get it to you asap!! Thanks. If I like it, then I’ll be ordering a black one on the next go-around.

  29. Sharon


    I love this bridle, especially the one with the shanks and wagon wheel look. I would love to buy one can you let me know when you make an order.


  30. Annmarie Kimberly

    Hello. I would like to order the Lg bridle with your next order. I prefer natural leather with a smooth chinstrap. Please send payment and ordering details if possible. Thank you very much!

  31. Carly Turnquist

    I would like to order one please! I would like one with the shanks as an option. I will pay the individual price to recieve the order as soon as possible. My horse recently had 1/2 of his tongue taken off in a freak accident and i don’t think long term he will ever go in a bit again. I am hoping he will adjust. He is a very hot horse.
    Thank you!

  32. Laura Thrailkill

    Hopefully I’m not too late. I would like to order a LG bridle in black leather and chain curb. Thanks, Laura

    (BTW, love your blog!)

  33. Georgia Kinninger

    It’s probably too late for your November order, but would you please put me on the list for the next time you order these?
    I’d like brown leather and chain curb.

  34. Marty Tadtman

    Yes I would like to order a brown LG! Let me know what to do!!!

  35. Diana Seager

    Please advise if you are able to sell to me…we make biothane and beta tack and feel this would be a fantastic item to offer to our endurance riders.

  36. Ritambhara Tyson

    I would like to order one of these bridles. Natural leather with smooth curb. How do I send payment?

  37. Melinda Mironoff

    I would like to order an LG Bridle for my Little Egyptian Arabian. I have only used a Hackemore for years as i am opposed to Bits and trained him on the Hackemore. He is small so not sure how to size. I would like to order the brown one, with the smooth curb. I am sure he will love it.

  38. Crystal Gruetzmacher

    I’d like to order an LG bridle, with the shanks, in black leather with a chain curb. I’d like to place the order now, so if you have a group, great, otherwise I’d like a special order. Also, since the curb is a separate piece, can I get a smooth curb as well? Please contact me ASAP, I’m borrowing an LG from my instructor now and she needs it back but I can’t live without it at this point.

  39. Kathleen Simler

    I have 2 LG bridles i got from you and am wanting the ‘shank’ part. Can i attach it to an existing LG or do i order one with the shank.
    And please can you give me info. On the difference between using the Shank or not. THANKS!!! so much

  40. Linda Radau

    I am interested in purchasing an LG bridle in black leather with smooth chin strap for $125. Please let me know when your next order is. How do you prefer to be paid?

  41. Beth Schang

    Do they come in draft horse size? If so, I would like to order a black one with smooth curb – how do I do this?

  42. Dianne Smith

    I am interested in the brown LG and would like it at the special $125 price. do we write a check or Visa, PayPal? /dianne

  43. Dayle Silverman

    I am interested in trying the LG bridle. When will you be ordering from Germany again?

  44. Heidi Bjerke

    I have had the LG-Bridle for several years, and it is the best bittless bridle ever!!! But I would like to order the shanks who goes with it. Do you have this for sale? I ride dressage at a medium level and all of my horses just LOVE the LG-bridle. BTW, I live in Norway :-) Best regards, Heidi

  45. susan morris-jackson

    I would like to order a brown LG with a chain curb. How do I arrange the order and when do you believe that it will come in. Thank you.

  46. Tanya

    Hello, Are the cartwheel shaped pieces of steel able to be bought on their own without the leather bridle parts? I noticed in the photo of your bridles hanging in your tralier that there were several different bridle styles, ie. English, Western shaping etc. Did you change to the bridles of your choice yourself or can you order the bridle style?
    I may be interested to purchase a brown bridle with leather curb strap if I have enough funds at the time of your group order & dependent on questions above ;) Oh, and I live in Australia in case that effects postage cost ;)
    Cheerz Tan.

  47. Vienna

    I am thinking about ordering an LG bridle when you order then from Europe next. I would like brown biothane with a smooth curb. One problem: I live in Vancouver, Canada. Will this cost me more? If so, how much?

  48. Charna Watts

    I would like more information about the bridle. I ride dressage, want very little to look “different” so, would you suggest black leather, smooth curb? I will wait til you have a nice group, please.

  49. Janeene Jennings

    Would like to order an LG bitless bridle – I’ll wait for the $125 group. Black leather – smooth curb. Thanks!

  50. Carol

    Hey Dawn!
    I am going to order another one for a friend, but first….she was asking about the biothane. I’m assuming the only difference would be lighter in weight? She also wants to know if the shanks are available. These are awesome BTW!

  51. Pat Kellum

    Please order one of these bridles for me! I want Black Leather. I ride gaited horses (TWH) so will you decide which would be a better curb – either the chain or strap – I am a novice and must bend to your expertise in this matter. Thank you so much. Let me know what all info you may need. I will wait until you have enough orders – do you have an idea when that might be?


    Hey Dawn, got my LG..can’t WAIT to use it ..can u email me the english instructions again? I was trying to decipher the German but..figured i better get the English again (must’ve deleted email by accident) : ) I think this is going to be great for my Walker, Tucker, because he is soooo sensitive to the bit. If you even bump the reins slightly with your pinky he comes to a screetching halt.. the LG will hopefully cure this problem so i don’t flop over onto his mane any more ..i felt like a weeble ; )

  53. Robynne Catheron

    Hi Dawn,
    If this order goes out on or after Dec 1 (my payday), I’d like another black leather one with smooth curb. If you do order earlier, I can wait until your next order.

    My horses LOVE this bridle, and I’m so happy that I never have to put metal in their mouths again! Or on their feet, for that matter…

    Thanks so much!


  54. dawndi Post author

    Hi Lynn: I can send to Canada for an additional $7. So your total would be $132. I do have a natural, leather, smooth curb here that is available.
    Or, you can make an order that I will send next week.
    Can you check your email address? I couldn’t send to you. Do you have an alternate address?

  55. Lynn

    I was wondering about the cost of shipping to Ontario Canada and if you can even do that?



  56. Wendy

    I would like to order a black with leather curb. My horse is also very big 17.2 thoroughbred–takes an oversize/warmblood bridle.

    Let me know when you will be placing an order!



    Am i too late to order? I’d like a black with smooth curb strap. Are these one size ? I have two drafts (might get a 3rd : ) and a Walker. I’ll get two if there is a size difference. Thanks

  58. Joan E S

    I would lke to order bridle for $125 in black leather with a smooth curb. Can’t wait to try it!

  59. Carol Pass

    I’d like 2 please!! If you need the stats now…..
    One black, one brown, both leather (including the curbs)
    Thank you SO much…you are the bomb :)

  60. Hope Becklund

    Hi Dawn,

    I’d love to order one; not sure of the size? I have a VERY large TB gelding, he’s over 17 hands and has a big (but beautiful!) head. I’d like black leather. Leather curb, please. Do these come with reins?


  61. Rachel Shoemake

    Oh yah, brown leather, but curious about your answer to the September 30th question from Nancy about chain vs. curb leather??

  62. Rachel Shoemake

    Hi Dawn, I know that I haven’t even received my first LG bridle yet!, but I already anticipate that I will want one for my other horse too. The LG is exactly what I have been looking for, for a long time. And since you are already making another order I just may as well jump on board again. I do not want to use another bit again ever, for any horse, I have made that up in my mind and for my horses. I have a feeling they will appreciate it too….

  63. nancy

    Hi, I am thinking of ordering a LG bridle in black leather with chain but I wanted to get your opinion about chain vs leather curb. Thanks. Nancy

  64. vicki

    I am interested in a natural colored bridle. Please let me know when you plan on ordering.

  65. Melanie Whitten

    Hi Dawn–

    I would like to order a bitless bridle.


  66. Rachel Shoemake


  67. Kate

    I am interested in ordering one in natural leather. Please let me know when the next order will be.

    Thanks for organizing this!


  68. Jill

    Let me know when you are going to order. I’ll wait for the group order.

  69. rehbeccah

    I would be very interested in ordering one of these. Let me know asap the details to place an order!


  70. Nancy Estes

    I am interested in an LG bridle in black leather. I intend to use my own crown and cheek pieces as well as reins, because my horse is a very large draft cross. When are you doing an order?

    Is it possible to longe in the LG as well as ride?

  71. Linda Hart

    Let me know when you are almost ready to order and if I have the funds, I would love to try one. Thanks.

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