MY OLD ONES look really good this year! Let me tell you what I’m feeding them… maybe it will work for yours!

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Here are pics of Gwen (24), Norma (26) and Dodger (somewhere in his late 30s, early 40s).  They look really good and bright and healthy!

This is Gwen. She is 24. As you can see, she has a nice topline, her muscles are filled out and she’s dappled, although you cannot see the dapples well in this light.

This is Dodger. He is in his late 30’s, early 40’s. Although he is losing his hearing and off-the-charts mane and forelock, he still looks really, really good for his age. Nice topline and full of dapples – and plump.

This is Norma Jean. She is half Poitou Donkey which makes her a long-haired curly donkey. Anyway, for her, shedding out this much in May is a huge deal. Normally, she hangs onto her hair until late July! And that is hard for her since it is so hot here! (She was born in Oregon.


About 6 weeks ago, we were mailed some supplements from two companies.

The first was Low Sugar Low Starch Nibblers from Omega Fields.  The other was Great-Gut from

(Just an fyi, most of you know this but jsut to restate: even though I was given these products to try, if they didn’t work, I wouldn’t tell you otherwise – and there is no affiliation).

I was given a few bottles of Great-Gut. I used it on Norma, Dodger and Gwen, my oldies.

I poured my Nibblers into a tub. But this is the bag.


I thought the Great-Gut would be good for my oldies.  I wasn’t sure if they would turn up their nose if I top fed… Of course, I already knew that they would love the low sugar/starch nibblers!

So, about 6 weeks ago, I started NJ, Dodger and Gwen on both products.  The Nibblers and the Great-Gut.  (I keep the Great-Gut in the refrigerator.)

I can honestly say,  All three look amazing.  All have a solid topline (chia seed helps with the topline, too), all are absorbing their food well/have energy/are bright, all are shedding really well – even Norma!, all are not having stomach issues (pain face/not bright) and all of them are keeping their weight!


To me, the Great-Gut has added “oomph” to everything.  I feel like Dodger, Norma and Gwen are really absorbing the nutrients in their food.  All have lots of good energy, which is elevated – I can see it.  I also think this is soothing to their guts.  I feel that Dodger often upsets himself emotionally – and this is keeping him stable.  Norma is just perkier, and I know she is a worrier.  Gwen just looks great… so healthy and shiny and plump for a 24 year-old.


I think the Nibblers are helping with the vitality and coat shine.    ACTUALLY, I think all of the “May help” list from the website, is actually helping!  They are all pretty happy.

From the website for Omega Fields Nibblers.


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