Have you tried these treats? (no affiliation)

Thursday, August 24th, 2023 | Filed under Nutrition

Have you tried The GERMAN BEET TREATS? (no affiliation)

My horses, all of them, love these.  LOVE THESE!  I feel better giving these treats because they look to be healthier and don’t appear to be totally sugar based.  The bag may seem like a small amount for the price, but the cookies are softish and quite large, so I break them in half.

For me, I have them on order with Chewy to arrive every 2 weeks.  I get these and it feels fairly affordable (under $10).

Again, I have no affiliation, I just like these treats for my horses (I usually like beet based treats like Beet-e-bites and any other natural, homemade beet treats) and thought you might not be aware of them.

This is the bag I have right now.

Here is the backside with ingredients.

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  1. Indiah

    Hmmm. Calvin may wish to research some of the Science Diet formulations and decide if those really are healthy for cats (same advise goes for canines). I do agree that the molasses thing is completely out of control in horse feed and treats, it is big brand feed companies using it to disguise lack of palatability in the rest of the ingredients, control dust because much of the horse feed produced by Big Feed consists of what’s vacuumed up off the mill floor, and give weight to bags that are less full of nutrition. One feed company in particular – their “premium” horse feed “bricks up” in cold weather so badly from the amount of molasses added that you need a hammer to break off a chunk. I would also give a thousand thumbs down to the insane use of soy in horse, cat, and dog foods. Goes for people too. It’s a cheap way of adding protein at the cost of hormone disruption for sensitive groups and most of it is GMO from China.

  2. dawndi Post author

    I actually agree with you… but fancy treats have a purpose for some people (like me) who hide pills in them or just feels all gooey sometimes and wants to feed a special treat.

  3. Calvin48

    I don’t get it – for $20 I can buy a 50lb bag of “Outfitter’s Wafers”, a complete feed that comes in XL pellets. I’ve never met a horse who didn’t love them. Or, I can buy 2lbs of beet treats, with molasses listed as the second ingredient. I already feed my horses beet pulp every day. I also give them carrots, apples, bananas, grapes, watermelon, and Starlight peppermint candy (rarely, like when I deworm). I have to say that I think horse treats are a racket. Same with cat treats. I buy Science Diet Oral Care for cat treats. It’s not cheap, but it costs less than bagged treats, it’s healthy and good for their teeth. I wouldn’t buy pet “treats” even if I could afford them. That being said, I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your comments on stuff to buy for horses. Just don’t get me started on pet treats!

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