When I give Mo cookies, he makes this face…

I don’t think Mo understands the flavors of this new cookie…  He keeps making this face when I give them to him.

In his defense, I did purchase new cookies in hopes of sweet talking Ethel Merdonk into letting us do her feet – which she did.  Ethel Merdonk and Princess Buttercup Pebbles loved the cookies and made no faces.

Mo, not so much.  I think there is a flavor in these cookies that confuses his taste buds.

This is the new cookie I grabbed by mistake – when I needed a big bag of cookies to bribe Ethel Merdonk.

I had just given Missy Miss and Mo a cookie treat… and I’m now in with Rocky Balboa and Norma Jean. It was here that I noticed Mo’s reaction to his cookie.

But when I came back over, he wanted another. This is his “I want another, aren’t I pretty” face.

After I gave him another cookie, he made the face again.

Well, if he continues to make this face after any cookie, I will have his teeth checked.  But so far, it is only this one cookie:  Dumor Gourmet Gold.  I usually give them ReNew Gold cookies, when I don’t have any Beet-e-bites.

What I usually purchase at Tractor Supply, if I am out of Beet-e-Bites. He has never made that face with this cookie.

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