Hubby’s Dog is a Photobomber!

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IT IS A HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!   And many of you will be away from your computers, or if you are at your computers, it is just for fun.

So today, Let’s have some fun!

I decided to get into the Holiday Spirit by revealing my new found secret… Shiva, Hubby’s dog, is a photobomber!  Do you know what I mean?  Have you heard the term “photobombing”?


Hubby's dog, Shiva


Photobombing became a popular term recently when this photo below appeared on the internet.

Now, if one was to forget that they have ever heard of Photoshop, they might believe that this squirrel really did just happen to appear in this family photo.


The one that started it all... the photobombing squirrel

But, pretty much we all know that camera trickery is very easy via the computer… but most of us suspend disbelief because it is fun to just go with it, right?!   And actually, photobombing does happen by accident.  Many vacation photos have been ruined by what the unsuspecting foreground people didn’t know was happening in the background…  And, sometimes it is really funny…


Then people started to mock-up animal photobombs.  I like those a lot!  Of course, the real animal photobombs are the cherry on top, but since there are few of those, these mock-ups keep me happy.  Here are two of my favs.


This one is my all-time favorite!

This is Hubby's all-time favorite!


Now, back to Hubby’s dog, Shiva.  Shiva has a girl’s name but he is a boy.  Hubby is very learned and he happens to know that the God Shiva was a male.  And, the God Shiva was the God of destruction, so he felt that was a fitting title for his dog.  I don’t.  Shiva doesn’t destroy much unless we leave the garbage can lid off.  Otherwise, he is pretty sweet.

This is classic Shiva. He is sitting next to Hubby.

In fact, he is so sweet that he has given himself the job of accompanying me outside whenever I go.  Shiva can be in a sound sleep, but if he hears me go for the front door, he’ll jump up, stumble over and ask to go wherever I am going.  I find this adorable.  No matter what, where, when or how, he wants to go outside with me.  This duty is so important to him that he will pop up and scamper over even if I am just going to the laundry room or any other location within 20 square feet of the front door.  He gets faked-out probably 60% of the time.  Yet, he keeps on jumping into duty if I go anywhere in the vicinity of ‘outside’.  Cute cute.

He even lets me do this to him...


So, naturally, he goes outside with me whenever I am taking photos of the horses for this blog.  In fact, often I have to put him inside because he gets in the way…  And, as much as I love him, the horses don’t have the same sentiment.  He is kinda frenetic and his collar jingles.  They don’t like that.  In fact, he gets chased out of pastures more than he doesn’t.  Good thing he is a fast little bugger!  He can tucknrun like a rabbit!


OK, well, back to the photobombing thing.  You see, often I will have taken photos for my blog and it won’t be until I come back inside, go upstairs to download them that I will notice Shiva is in the photos I need to use.  Aaargh!  So, I have to lock him up and go back out and take the photos again.  He just slips in there and I don’t even notice!  He’s right there.  Right there. RIGHT IN THE LENS!



This is the photo that got me thinking yesterday. He is staring right at me and I never noticed him AT ALL!

Yesterday was the day the photobombing thing really clicked for me.  I saw this photo and gasped that I didn’t even realize he was staring right at me when I took the photo.  I had already cleaned everything up everythink that was in the photo before I went to my computer to write the story; so I had to use it since I couldn’t go back and recreate that image.  And, I laughed.  I laughed to myself and finally decided to see how many times he has photobombed my blog pictures.


I wonder why he photobombs me all the time…?  Does he have any idea what I’m doing.  Probably not.  But, I surmise that when I walk outside with that thing in my hand, I usually go to the horses.  And, I think he gets protective and jealous.  I think he feels his job is to protect me.  So, he goes with me.   If I’m snapping photos and all looks OK, he gets absorbed in some other activity and trots about – always circling back to make sure I am safe.  In doing so, I forget about him.  But, he’s always there…   I also think he wants some of whatever I am giving to the horses.  So, if I’m taking pictures of them, he wants that love, too.


I have tons of pics where he is halfway in or halfway out of the shot.  I have many where he’s a blur.  I have a few where he is so far back in the photo that you wouldn’t be able to see him but I know he’s there…  So, I culled my massive library of photos and here are a few of his classic photobombs.  Do you have a dog like this?


Never far behind...

This photo was of my fallen hay pile, plus you know who...

I took this for my blog on shelters...

This one was about my great find at the Marine store...

This blog was about what to do with all the baling twine...

This one was just last week about broken and mended fences...


Here he is helping me discover the mess...

This post was about Remi, the mustang mare...

This one was about my favorite fly mask. You might wonder where Shiva is...

He's right there! As always...

I could go on all day but that would ruin you holiday, so this concludes my Shiva as photobomber (or maybe “Where’s Waldo?” is more appropriate…) journal. I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend!

JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT! – I’ve added my fav pics of Shiva…


Shiva goes to work with Dad...

My little protector... like Father like Son.

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