A Day of Two Videos! HOW TO TIE A SIMPLE ROPE HALTER (featuring the amazing hiding horse) and PET INTERVIEWS!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 | Filed under Musings


Someone sent this video to me – totally innocent and earnest – and it cracked me up!

I mean, the information is very good… truly.  It shows a way to tie a slip halter with a simple rope.  So, if you were in the field with only a lead rope, you could create a simple halter.

The instructor is clear to state that this halter is not for ‘tying’ or anything permanent… strictly for horses you know for easy gathering.

I found the information very handy.

However, what I found MOST AMUSING was the incredible hiding horse in the video.  OMG!

The video starts out with the very earnest man talking about tying a slip halter.   As a viewer, you know there is a horse behind the  man, but you can hardly see him.  I swear.  The horse is hiding almost perfectly behind the guy.  You can only see the horse’s ears projecting from outside the man’s head.

I went into total amusement on this one!

First off, the horse must be very, very comfortable with this man.  Clearly, the man is his partner and security shield.  The horse would probably crawl into this guy’s pocket if he could!

As the video progresses, the horse doesn’t move.  He Does Not Move from his position.  His ears move, but the horse just stays there, rock solid in his position.

It isn’t until over 2 minutes into the video that the man moves to reveal this large paint horse.


So, learn how to tie a simple rope halter while watching the amazing hiding horse!  Click here!


Here is the start of the video… Is that a horse hiding behind the man?… The earnest and informative video continues exactly like this – with a 1200lb animal invisible behind the demonstrator! click image to watch video

The video continues…. Ummmm. No horse here…


Finally, the horse is revealed wearing the newly tied halter! Click image to watch!




VIDEO #2 is just fun!

We all love talking animals, right?  Well, most of us like talking animals when you consider the gazillion hits on the Beaver “Welcome to Canada” and the “Ultimate Dog Tease”.

This one is another in that great line of videos

CIICK IMAGE to watch this short and funny PET INTERVIEWS video!


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Click image to learn about our July Bucket Fund mare, Spirit!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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