GREAT NEWS! Michael Johnson is writing his next book about his horse, BLUE!

Let’s talk about something amusing and wonderful, shall we?!

The esteemed author, and our friend, Michael Johnson, is writing a book about Blue.

–If you have not read “Healing Shine” or “The Trial of Joe Ben Black, Confessions of a Rope Horse”, you need to.  There is not a horse person who will not see themselves and want to do better by their horses after reading and living these books.  Click here.  (No affiliation other than I love the books and I think Michael sits next to HorseGod.)


So a few weeks ago, I received this email from Michael:

I haven’t been communicating because I made a vow years ago

to only write things that lifted people up.

Blue died on October 28th.  I always thought I would go first.

I know you think I’m destroyed, but oddly I’m not.

While it is sad, I cannot help but think about what a blessing it

was to be with him for 20 years.

Friends have suggested I write a third book about him

to complete the trilogy.  I am going to do that.

I begin tomorrow.

I have been torn between telling people I love and care for about this.

but I have decided to tell them.  I am telling you because I would

want you to tell me.

I have always been so grateful for your friendship.

More later.



And then I said that the book was a terrific idea… but that Blue better have that wonderful voice that he has in the Audio CD books and in print (Michael does all the voices of his horses and characters in his amazingly powerful Audio CDs – and those voices come through absolutely in his books.)

I told him that I would miss that voice.

… and he said back to me:

Trainer Greg Dial told me, “When you do this book,

if Blue doesn’t talk like he always does, I’m gonna’ drive

up there and beat the h**l out of you!”

Later that day, Bronc Fanning told me the

exact same thing.

Nobody needs to worry because

I never could get Blue to stop talking anyway.

First line of Shine…

“I don’t know why I was the way I was about him.”

First line of Blue…

“I know why I was the way I was about him.”

I’ll keep you posted.


I’M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO HIS NEW BOOK:  “Otoe’s Boy – The Horse Called Blue!”

Last I heard, he has 7 chapters done.

Otoe’s Boy – The Horse Called Blue

I cannot wait!  Of course, I will keep you all posted!

Michael and Blue.


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