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Slick, the pie-bald Shetland, came from a TB breeding farm.  He was the teasing stud.  Poor guy couldn’t see out of his stall.  I heard the owners complaining that he constantly picked the locks to maraude down the aisleways.  So, I bought him and gelded the little stinker.  He was just 3 years old at that time and full of himself.  UPDATE:  Slick, best friend of Norma Jean and Dodger, passed in May of 2017 from Kidney failure.  God speed, little man, Godspeed.

And now, nothing has changed.

He is still a little stinker but I love him.  Once I cut his forelock to look like Billy Idol.  Actually, that is a good reflection of this little guy.  Rock Star.  He snakes his neck, struts around and wrecks hotel rooms (well, he would if he could…).He is still a little stinker but I love him.

Update:  Our beautiful Slick passed 4/16.  Dodger, Norma and I were absolutely devastated.  He had kidney failure.

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