UPDATE on SUGAR AND JACKIE our September Bucket Fund Louisiana Flood Victim horses!

Dr. Lee has been working around the clock to help Sugar with her ataxia (which is improving) and horrid wounds from skin loss.

She tells me that Sugar is in ‘really fine spirits’ and that she ‘loves attention’.  The regular bloodwork came back pretty good!  Her only deficiency was in Calcium which is easy to remedy.

The bloodwork for her virus or bacterial infection has not yet returned.


Sugar is in great spirits.  She loves to graze.

Her neurological issue seems to be improving… although the viral or bacterial bloodwork will be very helpful here.  Who knows what she swallowed in that water?!  Yuk.

She is now growing puss filled lumps that burst.  Dr. Lee is nursing these… hoping they abscess out all the nasty in there.

On a lucky note, Sue Copeland, Executive Director of Hopes,Dreams and Horses, Inc. (www.hopesdreamsandhorses.org) is sending to Sugar a bottle of her invention Fungus Free Plus (the remedy that worked on my donkey’s leg fungus).  We are all hoping it will help reduce the skin fungus.  Since Fungus Free Plus works on Swamp Fever, I am hopeful it will help here.  Thank you, Sue!!

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Jackie is doing great!  She is starting to grow the beginnings of skin on her front legs and she is in great spirits.  She eats, drinks and acts like a regular horse!

Jackie's legs when she shed all of her necrotic skin (from standing in that putrid water for 4 days).

Jackie’s legs when she shed all of her necrotic skin (from standing in that putrid water for 4 days).

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 7.59.37 PM

Here are her legs a week later. Pretty nice, eh?!

EQUI-SPA (fabulous horse grooming products – all natural) is donating 20% of all sales in September to these horses!  I love THE BALM, Fairy Tails, Not So Sweet Itch, Summer Protection Spray and the Sheath and Udder Cleaner to name a few…  If you need any grooming products, please try Equi-Spa!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 1.55.14 PMIF YOU’D LIKE TO DONATE to help Jackie, Sugar and the other 28 flood horses in Dr. Lee’s care, please click this link.  Although we have surpassed our goal, the costs of caring for these horses is way more than we asked to receive.  So, please send prayers and donate if you feel moved.

This is Sugar. You can see the water line on her body. Her skin is falling off of her where the filthy water trapped her.

This is Sugar. You can see the water line on her body. Her skin is falling off of her where the filthy water trapped her.


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  1. Joni

    Hi Dawn,

    My heart goes out to these horses and their owners having to contend with this tragedy. One other product that my be of a huge help is a charcoal salve that is made by Denise Eberle, http://deniseallheal.com/. I bought some 3 years ago when my horse had horrible sweet itch and literally opened up his body with sores. The charcoal and the ingredients she uses pulled the toxins out and he healed so quickly. Recently I used it on a horrible sore I had that I could NOT get to heal. I put it on my leg, and literally overnight the difference the next morning was shocking. A week of traditional treatment with antibiotic ointment did nothing but one slather of this charcoal salve reduced it down 80%. Three days of treatment and it’s healed. I highly endorse this salve and it would be a huge asset to the regime that is already being given by these horses caretakers. I’m sure Denise would want to know about these horses and give her suggestions to work alongside the other great people helping. I live on the edge of wetlands so I know the effects water intrusion can do.

    It’s all natural, safe and non toxic too! I believe in it.

    Thanks for always being there to help our wonderful pets.

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