The Next Best Thing to an Incredible Horse Sitter… ‘Say Whoa!’ I couldn’t leave Mama Tess home alone without it. (Not an advertisement.)

Most of you know that I was out of town last week to attend a conference on holistic grass and range management.

Well, being out of town meant that I would have to leave Mama Tess.


I hate leaving her.   I mean, I know I have to get away sometimes, but I just wish I could take her with me.  I want total control (probably why I contracted Lyme… but that’s another story) over her welfare even though I know getting away refreshes me.

Anyway, this time I was particularly worried because the Founder Warrior and I had scheduling conflicts and we couldn’t perform her next trim until after I returned.  We would be over a week late on our schedule.  And, being over a week late could put Tess into a tailspin.  (Or, she’d be fine… it just depended upon her growth.)

Of course, I was worried something would happen while I was gone.

MT walks around less when she is due for a trim - her toes and heels grow rapidly.

MT walks around less when she is due for a trim – her toes and heels grow rapidly.


My big issue was that since her feet were long, most likely she would tend to not walk around as much as she should.  If she didn’t move enough, I feared she would not eliminate well and then colic.

I had added the supplements to her feed that help any horse eliminate, but that wasn’t enough for my well being.  I wanted something I could grab onto and know would work in an emergency.

And then I remembered what I had done last time I thought that MT wasn’t eliminating well…  at that time she wasn’t colicing – but she wasn’t flowing well.  I gave her a dose of “Say Whoa! Stops Colic.”  I figured it would, basically, plumb the ingredients out of her in a safe way – soon.  Within an hour, she had passed a nice manure pile and I had been tremendously relieved.

So, that’s what I figured I needed to leave behind for the feeders.

All natural relief.  It works, I've tried it with 3 colics.

All natural relief. It works, I’ve tried it with 3 colics.

SAY WHOA! STOPS COLIC – everyone should have this on their shelves!  (NO AFFILIATION)

I had one bottle on hand already, but what if someone else needed it?  I thought that I’d better have 2.   I quickly I went to the website and ordered a backup supply.  (You can read testimonials there, too.)

It arrived the day I left – perfect timing.

I set out one dose on the counter for easy access and kept the other in my cabinet.  I attached a huge note stating that if the feeders didn’t see any manure, or if Tess looked colicy, to call the vet and then administer the SAY WHOA! immediately.

Knowing I had Say Whoa front and center on the counter made me feel safe to leave.

And of course, she was fine.  Having the remedy on hand insures you won’t need it, so they say… ;)

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.57.24 PM


Here is what I say to that…  Yes, I respect your opinion because I’ve been there myself.  But, just for ducks, why not have a bottle, in case it DOES work?  I’m not saying to not call the vet.  What I’m saying is that by the time the vet arrives, if you’ve administered SAY WHOA!, usually the vet will have nothing to do.  So, the money you save will easily pay for the cost of the remedy.

Oh, and don’t forget the cost of the heartache that goes along with colic…

A long time ago, I purchased a bottle and forgot about it on a shelf for a few years.  I never had a chance to try it.  But, when I did with my little Shetland, Dodger… I was astounded (and so was the vet) that he was FINE by the time the vet arrived.

Hmmmm, could have been an lucky coincidence, I told myself.

And then Dodger had another fit when I moved them into a different pasture and he went into colic a few months later.  I immediately gave him the remedy that I had repurchased to have on hand.  Again, he was fine by the time the vet arrived.

I purchased another bottle.  About a year later, when Tess was in the first throws of all the intense pain and medication with her initial founder, she showed signs of colic.  I gave her the remedy in front of all of the equine specialists who thought I was NUTS, and she came out of it a half an hour later.

So, now I try to have 2 bottles here at all times.  I’ve given it to friends who were in an emergency state with their horses and I’ve given it to Tess, just to make sure she is ‘all clear’.

Here is their Say Whoa! FB page with many, many testimonials/stories like mine…

Click to go to their FB page and read all the stories...!

Click to go to their FB page and read all the stories…!

NEW FORMULA COMING SOON! – for stalled or bedridden horses

I contacted SAY WHOA! and told them that I was using it to keep my barnbound and lame horse (MT) ‘regular’.  I said that it was a good feeling to know that I had an instant remedy for equine constipation.

They told me that they will have a new formula out in July or August 2015 that will be exactly for just that!  Say Whoa! has created and is testing a remedy for horses who are on stall rest that might need a little boost in their manure cycle.  It will be less powerful than the colic formula and a bit more economical.

Yay!  I know I will be using it with Tess as a precaution.  If she feels better; I feel better.

Please purchase a bottle, if you can, to have on your shelf.  You don’t want to not have it when you need it.  I swear.  (No affiliation)



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  1. dawndi Post author

    You probably heard that from me. That is what I do. Chase it with a syringe of water.

  2. Sonya

    I keep two tubes of this on hand for whomever may need it. One question though… I read somewhere to chase the tube with 30 to 60 cc of water… I can’t remember where (and can’t find it on the tube), but when I give it to other people, my plan is to tell them about the water too (in case they are too frazzled to, you know, read the tube). Thank you for all you do!

  3. Rachel G.

    Unfortunately I had to use it. Fortunately I had a bottle in the cabinet. By the time the plunger was completely depressed he was recovering. Amazing results.

  4. Margaret

    Is “Say Whoa” and “ECR” (equine colic relief) the same thing?

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