If a horse has a miraculous recovery from a non-recoverable issue, I want to tell the world!  So please forward this!


Does your horse suffer from chronic respiratory issues?  Coughing, wheezing, can’t get enough air… when exercising or not.   Are you soaking hay, constantly cleaning stalls and walls, frustrated with bedding, using steroids?…

This is not my story.  It is a story from a reader who was at wits end.  She was told her young horse had COPD and would never recover.

But, he did!

After 4 years of respiratory battle and a condemnation of COPD, no work and an early demise, Trusty is back on track and working again!!

After 4 years of respiratory battles – with a diagnosis of  COPD, no work and an early demise, Trusty is back on track and working again!!

TRUSTY’S STORY  (edited from original)

In the owners words…

I bought Trusty, a Gypsy Vanner, as a weanling.  He was fine when I got him.

then he went to training for the months of January February and March . When he came home, he began coughing like clearing his throat cough had yellow droplets in nostrils . I didn’t get excited about it he was eating playing acting normal . Then he developed a green discharge and a temp

Had vet come she gave antibiotics shots and said probably got something at the farm.  He seemed to improve and was fine the rest of summer then in fall he started a small cough and those funny yellow droplets.   I called the vet and picked up some antibiotics. He recovered again. Then was fine for 8 weeks and would start again. Vet came out took blood and blood work came back with elevated white blood cells not off the charts but slightly high and he had a fast heart rate.   Nothing made sense to her so we watched – then this went on all winter long off and on he had some sinus drainage.

As soon as spring hit he became really bad where his nostrils were flared like he was running for his life trying to suck air but couldn’t get any!! So I call vet she came out gave him dexamethosone antibiotics and antihistomines and
was on rest.  She wanted an accounting of all his activities and said that he had a chronic condition and said he would be on meds for the rest of his life:(.

I asked what was the cause – she said grass, hay, air…   she suggested I keep him outside all the time!  So I searched the internet and found the jiffy hay steamer bought one and began steaming hay! I also found in my research that a dirt floor install was bad so I bought matts. I also found in my research that wood shavings saw dust was not great either. That’s when I found STRuFex which is a pelleted straw was less dusty and made by mixing straw with water boiled at 180 degrees and they added lavender for bug control and oils so it didn’t linger in the air. Plus I moved all the hay out of the barn on a pallet covered it with a tarp. Then went on a search to find the best hay.   So with all that I was able to keep him off medications free from any problems till last year when he turned 5. We started at a new facility which had there indoor connected to the barn and barn had hay.

He was going great in the training until May and he started will that funny little cough.  I wasn’t sure if it was the hay on the floor or was it the dust in his barn ? So I would empty his stall and wipe walls down and wash cement all with white vinegar as that kills molds and mold spores.

One day after training took him to grandmas to mow the lawn and he started coughing and I was putting fly spray on at same time. So I thought it was fly spray.  But by the time he got home he was in full blown wheezeing coughing so hard I thought he would fall
down stamping front his feet.  He had a fever of 105 !  So I called the vet! She came out. And took his vitals – breathing, heart, temp all were bad !

He got dexamethosone antibiotics and ventipulmin syrup!  He got better but no training at all -ever again.  The vet said he has COPD – sorry it will only get worse with age. :[. That was the saddest thing.  I didn’t want to believe ! So I scrubbed and I got a vacuum that was attached to the wall so I could vac instead of sweep clean all dust from ceiling etc. etc.

We would have continued spells were he would be back on dex and ventipulmin for ten days – he was better but his breathing never returned to a restful state where he wasn’t flaring or coughing and you could see his sides puffing his ribs were flared and he was forcing the air out and getting a heave line.

And that’s when the vet said I think a nebulizer would help him. Buy one and I will write the rx for the puffer stuff and that will be a better way to treat him as we were concerned about steroids.

So I called and talked to the guy that invented the EquiSilver Nebuliser.  He gave me the pitch that he is a fabulous guy treats camels, race horses and he said this is all-natural won’t interfere with melds and was cheep compared to the steroids and meds commonly used to treat this problem.

He also asked about Trusty’s problems and said he would respond quickly he thought and didn’t feel he had real COPD . So I said ok send some I will give it try.

So the EquiSilver Nebuliser arrived and I must say I was a skeptic – wasn’t even going to try the silver stuff.  I went to work getting my horse used to the nebbie.   Once he was used to it I had him stand with it on and I put the silver solution in and away we went!

The first three days we did it twice daily . By the first 24 hours it was clear it was helping his breathing was almost normal! – By the third day his breathing was normal !!! He still coughed but it was as if he was breathing deeper and when he did he was moving the bad stuff out! By day four he no longer coughed during his exercise and now I am just doing his treatment once daily and I hope to be able to do it every other day or 3 days a week!

This is a miracle device for Trusty. 

And another thing, I never knew he had a voice!  And now, he is talking up a storm! I get a shout out from him every time he sees me. I hope this helps every one who has had a horse with these symptoms. He is training every day now. Cough free !  A robust walk and picks up the trot with out hesitation.  Where before they called him lazy and lacking a work ethic.      He just couldn’t breath!


I was very moved by this story…

Not only had the owner done everything possible to help this horse, but she went deeper and farther on her own to find a cure.

If your horse has similar issues, perhaps a nebuliser would work!

I had never even heard of a nebuliser previously!


This is the product that our reader purchased.  Here is the link to the webpage.

Click to visit webpage to read  more.

Click to visit webpage to read more.

Please forward this so other owners with suffering horses may find a cure!



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See all of MT's Treasure Chest jewels here!  All proceeds help to pay for her medical expenses!  Thank you!

See all of MT’s Treasure Chest jewels here! All proceeds help to pay for her medical expenses! Thank you!

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