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I need your help…

Has anyone tried the Hoof Cinch?   Several of you readers sent the Hoof Cinch website to me when I spoke of MamaTess’ condition.  I find that interesting and notable… but I’d like to hear more.

The testimonials on the no-frills website sound very promising – but this is a new product so there aren’t that many testimonials…  I’m curious if there are any more testimonials out there for me.

Anyone?  Please forward and ask around.

I’m seriously considering giving it a try with MamaTess.  I’m thinking it couldn’t hurt and could help… but I’d like to hear of any problems before I commit to the ‘couldn’t hurt’ part…

Click to go to site

Click to go to site


(direct from the website)

In a nutshell...

In a nutshell…

Sounds good...

Sounds good…

My vet thinks this is all probably hooey... but I am willing to hear more...

My vet thinks this is all probably hooey… but I am willing to hear more…

The video on the site makes the application look easy.


The video on the site makes the application look easy.

The video on the site makes the application look easy.


Please spread this around and see if I can learn more about the Hoof Cinch from people who have tried it.  I would so like to help Mama Tess…  Thank you!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Rhonda Warncke

    Can I trim my ponies hoof ? Do I let it grow out or how long do I wait to trim his hoof ?

  2. Denice

    I have a 16 yr old miniature pony that foundered about 10 yrs ago. I was gone for about 3 months for surgery and rehab. My horses and the ponies were left for my husband and the boys to care for. They did not follow my feeding instructions. And feed the ponies as they would the full size ridding horses. I came home to two badly foundered ponies. One eventually had to be euthanized. I have fought very hard to keep the other on her feet. This last yr has been bad as I am on limited funds and my daughter thinks I should give it up with the pony. I really love little Misty! Can anyone tell me if these Hoofcinchs really work? Are they expensive?

  3. april

    I have used the hoof cinch on a foundered pony. It’s been two months since we have started. It’s going to still be a processes till it grows down all the way properly. It’s not an overnight fix. But the next day after putting it on definitely helped with the pain. He started walking around faster and better, he also started to stand straighter instead of that lean back. Definitely am happy with the results so far.

  4. dawndi Post author

    Hi Rick:
    Thank you for your insights. This post you read was quite old and I have used the cinch on
    my foundered mare for 3 years. I thought it was a tremendous help. And yes, she was on a very
    strict diet which gave her a lovely quality of life for 3 more years – after being called terminal.
    I’m not saying all foundered horses can survive, I’m just saying that diet, the cinch and a Theraplate
    did wonders for my mare.

  5. Rick

    I’m a Farrier in North Georgia. I have and am currently using the hoof cinch on about 4 horses. Remember that it is not a fix but a tool to help progress along the process of healing horses with Founder or laminitis . It gives the hoof stability . The underlying issue must be addressed as well to have success. Those who work with the farrier and the vet along the way to address both the hoof and the metabolic issues will have great success in at the very least giving relief and fair shot at recovery from this nightmare of an issue for unfortunate horses. Don’t be afraid to allow the horse to get really thinned down. A lot of us horse lovers have that natural nurturing and spoiling our animals in us. The horses that have been placed on a strict diet of hay and water and remove from pasture and placed in dry lots do the best. Its unfortunate but a must. This is just my experience so far. I’m still applying them and hope for more success to save some horses. Good luck!!

  6. dawndi Post author

    Utah: I am only the blogger… I am not the expert. However, the cinches did help my horse greatly. So, if I were you, I’d
    contact Chuck Potter at HOOFCINCH.COM

  7. dawndi Post author

    Joni: Hi: I am guessing that you are not a regular reader … the Hoof Cinches and my war on founder with my mare, Mama Tess, has been an ongoing
    theme with many, many posts.

  8. Joni Solis

    How about an update on this issue. Did you try out the hoof cinch product? I would also look into the reason for the horse’s problem in the first place — might need a change in what you feed and need more exercise.

  9. Lorrie Roehm

    Posted on HGS Horse Forum, this is amazing I would suggest contacting the poster what she did to help this horse go from barely able to walk to being ridden in a short period of time.

    Before was taken on June 17th-sent to me with the following info-horse has been this way since January after a bout of laminitis, no rotation-hoof is fine, no pain with testers. Vet has no clue, farrier has no clue as to what is wrong either. He walked fine before. Dr. H came out and said I needed to call you=as you could help.…

    and after! July 1st this was taken-just a couple weeks of massages and some Groundwork Strategies™, he is well on the way to being his old self-and BTW the owner/rider is 82YRS YOUNG!…

  10. Gina Keesling

    Dr Esco Buff
    and Dr Ric Redden (recommended already)

    Both of these guys have been treating founder for many years. This device you’re looking at may be effective, but if it were me I’d consult with one of these two first.

  11. Thistle

    Good Morning, I own American Saddlebreds. Two of them have old founders. Spent thousands making them sound. My favorite never rode the same after the founder. We had the cinches applied and after 8 weeks or so he now rides like he used to. We are planning to have radiographs taken to measure the improvement of the rotation. Painless for horse when applied, only thing that might spook a horse is the cordless drill! Please just give it a try. Totally different than what farriers have been traditionally taught.
    I love yor blog!

  12. dunie oneil

    I have no idea about this product, but I would be very careful. Why don’t you run it by an expert like Ric Redden? It is amazing how people like this are willing to get on the phone to talk. I found him very helpful withe my foundered horse. Good luck!

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