Oy. Norma’s donkey psoriasis is back. Yuk. But, I have a cure.

Unfortunately, I’ve written about this previously…  Pretty much every summer, my donkey, Norma Jean, succumbs to donkey psoriasis.

I’ve had numerous vets out over the years and none of them could cure her – so I was constantly wrapping her legs with calming salves and hoping for winter.

Yet again, my Summer foe is back.

Sometimes it is difficult to see the infection when it starts because of her long hair… but when I see her biting, I know.  And again, this Summer, I didn’t catch it right away.

Ugh.  It itches, she bites at it, the flies come, it becomes infected.  A nasty cycle.

Poor Norma.

Poor Norma. First I wash the area, then I put on Major’s Solution

BUT LAST YEAR…I FOUND A CURE!  (No affiliation)

Last year, a kind reader sent a cure.  It used to be called Fungus Free Plus.  But now it is called Major’s Solution.

To my amazement, It worked!!! (All natural ingredients, too).

So, I had a fresh bottle on hand for this Summer, figuring my nemesis would show up again.

I had a fresh bottle on hand and ready, because I thought her donkey psoriasis might come back this Summer.  I took this photo after I had used it on Norma, hence the donkey hairs on the wet label.

All I do is wash the area, smooth on the Major’s Solution – and it keeps the flies away and dries up the infection.   It has a fragrance of salad dressing… the flies hate it.  If you do this every day for a week (maybe 2 weeks, depending upon the severity), the issue resolves itself.

Yay for Norma!

So, I started our regimen tonight.  Poor girl.  But, at least it showed up later this year… and at least I know what to do!

If your equine has a skin issue that won’t resolve, try Major’s Solution.

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  1. dawndi Post author

    I do have those Silver Whinny socks. They do work well… but it is so hot right now, I just cannot do that to her.
    At this time in the process, I have to be on it twice a day. Trimming her hair is something I need to do. She won’t
    tolerate clippers but she lets me use scissors. THANK YOU for caring!

  2. Calvin48

    If this happens every year, perhaps you ought to keep her legs clipped in the summer. I have a friend who keeps several Gypsy Vanners and if their legs aren’t clipped they all get horrible sores under the feathers. I have a Haflinger pony with hairy legs (though not nearly as much as the Vanners) and I clip his legs from May to October. He has never had any issues with the skin on his legs. I recently read about a product called Silver Whinnys that sounds like some kind of sock that is imbued with silver, which you pull up over the legs and leave on. It’s supposed to heal the lesions when nothing else will, just in case what you used last year doesn’t work this summer.

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