Stretch #2 to Improve Fitness in Your Horse (From Jeannette Burrows, the woman who is transforming BG!)

A few weeks ago, I told you about the equine Craniosacral/Neuromuscular treatment body worker (JEANNETTE BURROWS) – who was recommended by one of you readers in my area (Thank you!) – to work on BG after her horrible splay in the mud.

You can read that blogpost here.

Jeannette came back today!  (I wish I could take photos during the session, but I’m too busy holding, learning and watching!)  Once again, BG came away a different horse.  I highly recommend searching for an equine Craniosacral/Neuromuscular treatment worker in your area.  She uses such a light, non-invasive touch to achieve huge results.  In fact, I liked what she did for BG so much, I had her work on me today.  I’m floating… I feel great, even my emotional attitude is better!  Do it.

Anyway, no photos today, so instead, I will post the second exercise in the series to help improve your horse’s fitness,  written by Jeannette.  The first stretch is here.

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STRETCH #2 (By Jeannette Burrows)




HAVE FUN PRACTICING WITH YOUR HORSE!! – He/she will love you for it!


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  1. dawndi Post author

    When she worked on BG, she wasn’t warmed up. Just go very slowly and gently. Let the horse give the stretch to you.

  2. Robynne Catheron

    Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for this info! One of my horses is retired due to bad stifles, so I might try these stretches to see if it helps him feel better.
    Did Jeannette happen to mention if the horse needs to be warmed up first? I’ve heard both: stretch before warming up and warm up before stretching.

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