Let’s start the New Year WITH SOME STRETCHES!!

Remember I told you about the body worker, Jeannette Burrows, that has done wonders for BG?  After the first treatment, BG no longer had her chronic eye goop and she was so much more playful and happy…!  Jeannette is coming back tomorrow to work on ME (Yay!!) and BG again.

Anyway, Jeannette wrote up 3 simple stretches that you can do with your horse.

Here is the first one… The original posting is on www.horseconnectioncenter.com.

Stretches to Improve Fitness in Your Horse Stretch #1  Shoulder and Foreleg




PSSST… Meanwhile… The puppies are GROWING!

Vivienne and Violet doing their best to destroy the doorjam into my office.

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  1. dawndi Post author

    I will post them one at a time… Next one coming next week! (Or I can email them all to you… )

  2. lisa chadwick

    did i miss the 3 stretches? or is each movement a stretch?

    enjoy your time with jeannette, she is the real deal!

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