Idaho Equine Hospital Case of the Day!

Monday, October 28th, 2019 | Filed under Medical

I follow Idaho Equine Hospital (website) because they often post very interesting medical presentations.

Here is a recent post:

The gelding below was presented to Idaho Equine on emergency this weekend for signs of cheek swelling and lack of appetite. After a physical exam, including an oral exam, and additional diagnostics the culprit of the problem was found… A small piece of wire. The wire that had become embedded in the horse’s cheek was identified on radiographs (see below.)

Due to the location of wire, and vital structures that surround the location, the horse was anesthetized under a brief general anesthesia for removal.

Surgery was performed by Dr. Maupin and the wire was removed — the horse recovered from surgery and will be put on broad spectrum antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. A full recovery is expected.


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