THIS AND THAT FOR YOUR HUMP DAY… Update on Kate, sarcoid cure ideas and beet pulp pellet rinsing.

I wanted to let you all know that Kate (the gasoline injected horse) is doing as well as can be expected.

She is home.  The vet did have to come out again to tend to a new eruption of gas in her neck, but otherwise, she is healing.  The Docs are trying to wean her off of the Banamine and pain killers – which makes her a bit cranky.  So, they’ve been extending her meds a bit, just to keep her comfortable.

Here are pics of her wounds as they are draining and healing.  Even though this looks awful, it actually looks good according to the vets.  The gasoline rises to the surface and needs to get out… so it creates and abscess-like welt.  The Docs open the welt, clean the dead tissue and let it drain.  This has happened all up her neck and on her face.

Kate after cleaning 1

The rubber tubing keeps the wound open so it can drain.

Kate after cleaning 3

Nice and clean.

Kate after cleaning 2

There are several holes like this up and down her neck and on her face…


Many of you wrote in with sarcoid cures that had worked with your horses…  I have not tried any of these but I wanted to pass them along in case any of you needed this info pronto!

1)  Zovirax Cream – This is for humans and by prescription only.  It is basically exactly what I’m doing without having to crush the pills and make a paste!  Zovirax is Acyclovir.  So, Zovirax cream is a herpes/shingles cream.

I think this would be worth a try if you can get your hands on it.  I wish I had the cream.  Much easier than mashing huge pills!

If you try this, let me know if it works for your horse!

2)  Xxterra ointment – I have not used this and had never heard of it… but you can get it at Valley Vet!  I’ve cut and pasted what VV says about it.

Readers said they had tried this on the sarcoids and it worked... you can get it at Valley Vet.  Click image to go to the page.

Readers said they had tried this on the sarcoids and it worked… you can get it at Valley Vet. Click image to go to the page.

3)  Turmeric paste – Again, I have not tried this and know nothing about Turmeric paste on sarcoids… But, if you’ve tried this, please let me know if it has worked for you!



I have happily used soaked beet pulp pellets for years now.  Love it!  The horses love it.  Great source of fiber and it also helps clean the IT track of sand if you make it sloppy enough.  Wet is better!

I use Standlee but you can get beet pulp pellets at just about any feed store.

I use Standlee but you can get beet pulp pellets at just about any feed store.

Well… Tess is fattening up and I couldn’t think of one thing to take away in her diet so she wouldn’t plump up.  Her hay is soaked, and she barely gets any other food other than the powder dusting of Cool Stance.

The Founder Warrior suggested I ‘rinse’ the beet pulp pellets before soaking them.

Why?   They aren’t supposed to have any sugars on them.

She told me that the beet itself has starch and sugars naturally and that I should rinse the pellets to make them less fattening (and sugary… since she is IR and Cushing!)  for Tess.

Hmmmmmm.  I thought all you had to do was soak them… but there is residual, natural sugars in there.

So, I rinsed before I soaked (used a collander).  For 2 weeks.

And she lost weight.


Same amount of pellets, just rinsed.

The Founder Warrior was right.

I went to the Standlee Hay company’s website to look up the ingredients of beet pulp pellets and found this:

Aha!  What is a secondary molasses?

Aha! What is a secondary molasses?

So, if you want to keep your soaked beet pulp pellet eating horse on the thin side and absolutely sugar free, rinse before you soak!



I’m opening up the treasure chest for the next several weeks because maggots, the Founder Warrior and the vet visits insist that I do…


I have two necklaces today…


I love this.  I can see this on a red head or blonde or darker skinned person.  I LOOOVE the handmade sterling oval and the mix-match of gemstone beads.  So pretty and unusual.  I get comments whenever I wear it.  It looks beautiful and striking when worn.

Sold!  Thank you, Dana!


This piece is so unusual with all different types of gem stone beads and handmade sterling silver pendants and flowers.  Really striking!

This piece is so unusual with all different types of gem stone beads and handmade sterling silver pendants and flowers. Really striking!

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 9.08.50 PM

Everyone comments on the handmade sterling oval centerpiece (you can attach other charms to this using lobster clasps). Great for a redhead!


St. Francy is helping MT today!    This is a St. Francy necklace on a sturdy, 16″ sterling chain.


(To see other St. Francy pendants, click here!)

If the link doesn’t work, this has sold…. BUT… email me because I have many chains and I could make one up special for you, too!

ST. FRANCY pendant on a 16" chain.

ST. FRANCY pendant on a 16″ chain.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 9.10.29 PM


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  1. Megan

    Here’s how I soak beet pulp: Get 2 identical buckets. I used the cheap but sturdy hardware store buckets that come with lids. Use a drill to drill holes in bottom of one bucket. Set the bucket with holes Inside the other bucket. Add your beet pulp and then water. When they’ve soaked to your liking pick up the inner bucket by its handle and feed. This was so much easier than rinsing in colander for me plus I could put the lid on during soaking so it didn’t get contaminated with insects.

  2. Alexis

    I have used Xterra on my warmblood cross gelding who had sarcoids on one ear. I would definitely NOT recommend anyone use this product. It seems to cause a great deal of pain to the horse – mine went frantic with pain (my vet, who had told me to use this, pooh-poohed the whole thing, needless to say not my vet any longer). Following the one application the sarcoids seemingly overnight were very noticeably bigger and there were two more sarcoid spots showing the next day. I do not of course know if any of this is random and only pertained to my horse. But it was a dramatically unpleasant experience for both of us and I’d hate to see someone else’s horse go through the same thing.

  3. Michele Aultman

    I’ve used and referred Xxterra cream to friends with awesome success

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