Have you heard of COAT DEFENSE? I’m going to try it on Ethel Merdonk.

Thursday, April 8th, 2021 | Filed under Medical

Ethel Merdonk Wonky Donkey is one of the new jennys who arrived from the kill pen in Texas.  During the first few days here, I noticed that she scratched herself A LOT.  Mostly she used the joints of the metal connecting panels that I have in their paddock.  It made a distinctive, resonating, sound – so I always heard when she was scratching herself against it.

As I was able to get closer to her and actually touch her, I could see the flaky skin and bald areas.  Although she has stopped the constant scratching considerably – probably due to less stress and good food – she still has her skin condition.

I’m thinking it is rain rot or some fungus.  My first line of defense was to grab my fungal shampoo.  However, I cannot yet bath her and I’m out of all of my other Rain Rot cures…

Ethel Merdonk is on the left – the darker jenny. When she came she was quite nervous … but she is settling in nicely. She can wear a halter now and comes up for cookies and scratches. (Her friend is the much younger Princess Buttercup Pebbles).

You can see the flaky skin on her chest and how she has rubbed her hair away.

She also has dry, patchy spots under her mane.


And then I saw COAT DEFENSE advertised as a popup on my FB page.  Usually I hate those ads because clearly they were listening to me discuss the need for a rain rot skin cure…


Anyway… this time, since I was all out of what I needed (and shopping), I decided to click on the ad.  The description said it was a natural cream that you could leave on – which was exactly what I needed because she is still quite wild and a bath is out of the question.

So I took the bait and ordered off of the FB ad, which I swore I’d never do again.

However, when my package promptly arrived, I was quite pleased with the contents thus far.

My tub came today (I love the fragrance) and the box was filled with informative sheets, plus a coupon for the human varieties!

This was on the FB ad. It said it was natural and treated rain rot or skin fungus.


The package inserts were very informative.  Lots of instruction on how to use the products and for which ailments.  Also, I received a flyer on canine/cat products.

What I liked the most were the natural ingredients created for a human to rid herself of skin allergies – who then created the same for her dogs, cats and horses.

There were several informative flyers inside the package – plus a coupon for the human products!

The flyers were great! Very informative.


Tomorrow I start using Coat Defense Paste on Ethel Merdonk.  I will keep you posted!


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