HAS ANYONE USED ‘CONFIDENCE EQ’? It replicates the PHEROMONES of their mothers… for a calming effect. PLEASE TELL ME YOUR RESULTS!

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Have you ever used “Confidence EQ”?

The premise is that this product can be used prior to stressful situations because it replicates the soothing signals a mare sends to her nursing foal.

Hmmmm.  The theory sounds promising!  And it seems like a simple application – you just rub some under their nose like Vicks.  They inhale it and relax.  (I wish they made it for Humans…).

CONFIDENCE EQ was created by Ceva Animal Health which also has created a dog and cat remedy based on the same therapy.  They say all are successful remedies.

I have not tried any of the Ceva products; although I saw that Valley Vet and many of the regulars carry CONFIDENCE EQ, so it appears mainstream.

I’d love to hear your feedback!   If you’ve tried CONFIDENCE EQ, PLEASE let me know!


Click to go to the website.

Click to go to the website.


ConfidenceEQ from Ceva Animal Health is designed to help reduce stress in your horse. It replicates the soothing signals a mare sends to her nursing foal. Based on the science of pheromone communication, ConfidenceEQ speaks to your horse in a language they instinctually understand.

Apply the convenient single-packet gel to the nostrils of your horse and you’ll see the science in action. You may even notice a flexing of the top lip called the Flehman Response. This natural behavior is how horses receive and interpret the pheromones, the first indication that the science of calming is at work.

How CONFIDENCE EQ is applied.

How CONFIDENCE EQ is applied.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 2.41.21 PM

First, you apply it under the nostrils and then the brain sends out the ‘relax’ signal.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 2.41.30 PM

The horse receives a direct signal that makes sense to him – as if it came from a trusted source.

STRESSFUL situations.

STRESSFUL situations.


Click here to watch the video.

Click image to watch the video.

Click image to watch the video.

PLEASE email me if you have a favorable or not so favorable history with CONFIDENCE EQ, so that I may tell all the readers if this is a great product.

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Supporting The Bucket Fund through Amazon Smile is HUGE for the horses. Please choose HORSE AND MAN when you make your Amazon purchase THROUGH THIS LINK. Thank you!

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  1. Dalaina

    I used this on my mare because she will not stand for the farrier and is constantly trying to kick and bite. It took about 45 mins to start working and after that she was a totally different horse!! She barely moved and never tried to kick or bite. The farrier was very pleased and said she wasn’t the “nightmare” that she normally is.

  2. kylie

    I used this tonight on my boy it did not work if anything it made him worse
    I either put it on wrong or it just doesnt work and i was really hoping it would work

  3. Kristi

    i tried confidence Eq on my daughters young pony who doesn’t like being left alone in a stall. It did not make a difference at all. It didn’t seem to help her relax at all. I also tried it with my horse who gets really nervous when loading and riding on a trailer. It did not help him either.

  4. Nicole Birkholzer

    I had never heard about the product. When I checked it out I found it ‘interesting’ that there is no list to be found that describes the actual ingredients. I like to know what I put on my horses.
    I use pure grade essential oils (Young Living, no association) when my horses (or I) need a boost of confidence. Usually horses are not confident when they’re stuck in fight/flight/fright. At that point they can’t tap into their ‘logical’ brain (similar to what happens to people).
    Essential oils can facilitate whole brain capacity beautifully.

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