For those of you who are curious… Here is my HIP!

Many of you have asked me, “What actually happens with a hip replacement?”

Well, you really don’t want to know the particulars.  Suffice it to say, they use power tools.

But, if a picture tells a thousand words, here is the newest Xray of my new hip replacement.

You can clearly see… spikey thing in the marrow of my bone, a new ball and a new socket.


So you can see, they pulled out my femur (from an incision in the front of my leg), cut off the eroded ball joint, put the prosthesis down into my marrow (which helped create anemia because marrow creates red blood cells and I lost quite a bit of blood and marrow – but I’m fine now), then the ball goes into a titanium receiver screwed into my pelvis.

OK… yes… it hurt A LOT for the first few weeks.  But now, IT IS AWESOME.  So, if you are considering this, go to a great orthopedic surgeon and find out your options.  It is totally worth it.

This is what is inside… kinda fun that the ball is a lavender color!


Here is a link to the Hip Replacement for Horse People Facebook page.  It was very, very helpful for me during the weeks leading up to my surgery, and the weeks following.  These people will answer any question with total honesty.  They  understand.  And, they are from all over the world… which I found very interesting.

Click to go to page

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