Foal Born at UC Davis through Unique In-Vitro Fertilization Process

I know we are months away from breeding season… but for those of you with a tough to get pregnant mare (or perhaps an option to embryo transfer), here is some interesting news!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    I totally respect your opinion, Casey… I agree that there are too many humans and too many people breeding horses that shouldn’t be bred. However, I do agree that this
    method would only be available to a certain few who might have very good reasons.

  2. Casey O'Connor

    I’m really offended by this. With horses dying horribly every day, the last thing we should be doing is looking for MORE ways to breed MORE horses. I’d like to see a moratorium on breeding for the next 2-5 years. And yes, that means everything including our own wretched species. But this is particularly offensive. For chrissakes, pay attention to Mother Nature, have some damn respect for her, if your mare can’t get pregnant, there’s a reason for it! STOP.

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