DORMOSEDAN GEL – have you heard about it? So much controversy… I now have a tube in my barn!

Dormosedan Gel is a tube administered gel sedative for equines.

How I received a tube of Dormosedan Gel…

The Founder Warrior was here today to trim Mama Tess.  We also have an apprentice Founder Warrior learning how to trim MT who lives closer and can come more often – which is great!

However, the apprentice FW is not a vet…  and cannot administer the IV sedation that we sometimes use on MT to make her trims more comfortable.

Today, the FW gave to me a tube of Dormosedan Gel and said, “in case she needs sedation for trimming and I cannot make the trip.”  (It is a 5 hour trip for the FW to visit MT.)

She instructed me on how to use it – wear gloves (don’t get it on your skin as it can be absorbed), put it under MT’s tongue, it is strong so only give her 3/4 of the tube, give it to her 40 minutes before I need her sedated, throw it out any leftovers.

I took the tube and didn’t think a thing of it.  In fact, I was happy to have it.



So, I came inside and in preparation to write about this new gel sedative, I Googled it.

I found many users who love it for several kinds of tense situations… mostly involving farriers, but also trailering and – very interestingly – for horses who are coming out of stall rest and the owners don’t want the horse to go crazy and re-injure themselves when let out into a paddock.

Mama Tess has had the IV form often enough that I know how she responds to it.  Usually, she is dopey for about 20 minutes and then it takes another 20 mins for her to wake up.  After that, she’s fine.  This drug makes her want to urinate.

Valley Vet carries it - with your prescription.

Valley Vet carries it – with your prescription.


During my Google search, I saw nothing but good reviews from customers (with prescriptions) who have purchased and used the product.  It seems to be simple to use and it does the trick.

However, there were many vets who were against this item due to the liability of an owner administering a sedative.

The vets felt that they could be sued if anything went wrong.  Should the owner sign a release before they can have the product in their barns?

Also, what if a human drug user got a hold of it?  Or a dog or child?

Many golden reviews from owners.

Many golden reviews from owners.


For me, I haven’t used this gel form yet… so I don’t know how well it works.  But, to have a simple to administer sedative on hand seems like a godsend to me.

I won’t abuse it.  I will use it according to the directions.   I am responsible.

I feel I have many horse drugs here, via prescription, that in the wrong hands, could do damage.  But, in the right hands, really help my horse.




I’d love to hear your input!  Please comment!


I found a video, telling owners how to use the product.  Click here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.25.23 PM

Click here to watch the application video.

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  1. Janet

    We used Dormosedan gel today on 2 mini donkeys in order for the farrier to trim their hooves. To me, these 6 and 4 year old jack brothers are sweet, and I have them in my pasture to protect my herd of goats from coyotes. To the farrier, they are passive aggressive and will kick out of pure stubbornness. The vet prescribed a syringe of gel with instructions to wear gloves, wipe any from the ground, keep away from dogs, do not open the tube with your mouth, and administer 45 minutes prior to the farrier’s arrival.

    I administered 1 cc to each mini donkey one hour prior to the farrier’s arrival. They were perfectly docile gentlemen. They did not mind having their legs touched, their hooves trimmed nor did they try to act out in anger. The farrier was thrilled, and he did relay a story that another customer opened his Dormosedan gel with his mouth and nearly had to be hospitalized, because it knocked him out for 3 hours. It’s a horse tranquilizer. Used responsibly under the right circumstances, it is a human lifesaver.

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