CECAL TROCHARIZATION. Could save a life from gas colic.

This came across my Facebook feed from WHISKEY RIVER LARGE ANIMAL MOBILE VET SERVICE.

JULY 28, 2018


From Whiskey River Large Animal Mobile Vet Service.

Do you know what this is??

This is called cecal trocharization, and tonight it saved this mare’s life!

Libby had started to colic after the events of her day, and it was determined that for a time, her intestines had stopped working.

To release the gas building up in her intestines, this 5-inch needle was sterilly inserted into her cecum, part of the horse’s large intestine. She kept this in place for almost 4 hours tonight, as she walked and rested, waiting for the gas to fizz out and her intestines to work again.

And they did!! Hoorah for simple procedures that save lives!

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