Some of you might remember that we discovered a sarcoid on Mama Tess’  tail at about the same time that her first laminitis episode began.

I had the surgeon at her equine hospital take a look and he said it was a benign sarcoid.

I had heard tha tCalcium Montmorillonite clay and Bentonite Clay worked on sarcoids…

So, at that time, I started using Calcium Montmorillonite clay and SORE NO MORE’S POULTICE (includes Bentonite clay) on it every other day.  I alternated because I felt that the CM clay burned her a bit.  I used the Sore No More Poultice because it had Bentonite clay in it – but it also had other soothing herbs – and that felt better to me..

After several weeks, I noticed that the sarcoid was definitely more scabby and had shrunk a bit.

But, as Tess’ illness became more severe,  I got sidetracked and forgot about her sarcoid…

This ugly thing is Tess' sarcoid on the side of her tail dock - about 3 inches down from the top.

This ugly thing is Tess’ sarcoid on the side of her tail dock – about 3 inches down from the top.

MY NEW EXPERIMENT… couldn’t hurt, could help.

A few days ago while grooming her intensely, I noticed her sarcoid again.

And then, like a thunderbolt, I remembered that My Old Tymey vet from long ago told me to put human herpes medicine on a sarcoid to “fix it in two weeks!”

Somehow, I just remembered that…

And, luckily for me (sort-of), I get Shingles so I have Valacyclovir on hand.  Yay!  I can experiment.

(I’ve had Shingles since I was 6 years old – I know, I know, kids aren’t supposed to get it, but they do.  Anyway, I used to take Acyclovir and Valtrex but now they call it Valacyclovir.)

OK, so I decided to give it a try with MT!

Right now, her sarcoid has regrown to where it was in the beginning – in fact, I think it is a bit larger.

Here is what I am doing for my experiment:

1)  I crushed 2 tablets of Valacyclovir and mixed with a tiny bit of water to make a paste.  (Don’t use too much water or you will ruin the paste texture needed for this poultice to stick.)

2)  I washed off her sarcoid and dried it well.

3)  I applied the poultice all over the dome of the sarcoid.  Be sure to get underneath and all around.

Here we have the paste I made from 2 Valacylcovir tablets,

Here we have the paste I made from 2 Valacylcovir tablets,  I spread it all under and over the sarcoid.  It was difficult for me to hold her hair and take a photo at the same time.  And, she was eating so she kept moving…

4)  I let it sit for 48 hours.

After 48 hours, the poultice had dried hard.

After 48 hours, the poultice had dried hard.

5)  I washed the very cakey poultice off with warm water – making sure not to pull off the skin of the sarcoid as I went.

6)  Make notes on the shape and size of the sarcoid.  (Today, the sarcoid surface was red and looked a bit angry.  It looks as if the dome has reddened.)

After I carefully washed off the initial poultice of Valacyclovir, the sarcoid looked a bit red and angry.  I reapplied the poultice.

After I carefully washed off the initial poultice of Valacyclovir, the sarcoid looked a bit red and angry. I reapplied the poultice.

7)  Re-apply.

After the first 48 hours, I can honestly say that I can see a difference in the surface of the sarcoid.  It looks as if the medicine is eating away at the dome wall.

I will keep you all posted!



I’m opening up the treasure chest for the next several weeks because maggots, the Founder Warrior and the vet visits insist that I do…

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Today, I have one of my favorite necklaces for you…  A beautiful shorter necklace that has maize colored, faceted beads and a gorgeous calcedony drop.  18″


(If the link doesn’t work, that means the piece has sold.  MT and I thank you!)

il_570xN.466639592_4irk il_570xN.466639618_13gk

Here is what the artist had to say:

L.O.V.E. this for summer but also works as a great year-round neutral necklace. Gorgeous opalescent Czech glass beads are crocheted to form the chain for this pretty front closure necklace. Artisan sterling silver lobster clasp and dangling charm with a Thai silver stamped ring. A tiny pearl and rhinestone also dangle alongside a glowing faceted chalcedony boulder! It has a cool, minty look to it and has such a pretty & soft glow that emits from within.


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  1. dawndi Post author

    Jane: Can you give us a rundown? The link is to a closed group. I’d love to hear the nutshell of using a tumeric paste.

  2. Tammy

    I am sorry if this has been suggested already, but my horse had sarcoids. Xxterra ointment got rid of them and is easy to use. I got it from my vet, but you may be able to order it online. Even though Xxterra got rid of the sarcoids he had, he kept getting more. If you have that problem let me know. My vet did a procedure that has worked. No more sarcoids!

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