BG IS SO MUCH BETTER – LOOK at her EYES! Craniosacral/Neuromuscular treatments are THE BOMB!

Last week I told you that I had an equine Craniosacral – Acupressure – Reiki – Neuromuscular specialist (Jeannette Burrows) here to treat BG for her body issues after a bad fall.  (She was treated by a vet and she had no broken bones… but she was off and couldn’t carry a rider.)  You can read that story here.

Well… during the treatment, Jeanette said that working with the nasal area like she was doing and manipulating BG’s front gums (the move was amazing) would release the sinus and “that eye discharge issue should clear up….”

Now, BG has been dealing with an eye discharge for a very long time.  We thought it was allergies, neck worms, a tooth issue… we treated medically and homeopathically for all of that… but she continued to have constant eye gunk.


For the first time in over a year, BG has no eye discharge!

It cleared up the next day after the visit and has not come back since.

I took these photos at dinner tonight – a full week after her treatment. No eye discharge.

The other eye. CLEAR! (That is Finn in the background.)

BG ON THE WHOLE – after her treatment

On the whole, BG is much brighter.   I didn’t realize how dulled she had become over the last 2 years since moving here – and even more so after her fall.   I think the dulling is so gradual, it goes unnoticed.   Kinda like gaining weight slowly.  It goes unnoticed until someone who hasn’t seen you for a while, notices…

I hadn’t realized how dull she had become.  BG has always been very reserved, but now she is much more engaged.  More eye contact.

This is a stunning new development because we all thought (her vets and myself) because of her hives, she was allergic to something in the air or something in the soil here.

But, nothing helped her, until this craniosacral manipulation.  It is as if a gate opened in her sinus that has let it all flow – and the rest of her body has had some sort of release or alignment as well..

BG is happier.  She is moving more fluidly.


At one point, Jeanette said that she thought BG’s injuries were very old.  Like something happened to her when she was very, very young, before I knew her… and she’s been holding onto that for years.

I didn’t want to think that.  But… since BG is almost a different horse in her demeanor now, I’m thinking she might have been hiding a long-term pain.


If it moves you, go find a  Craniosacral – Acupressure – Reiki – Neuromuscular worker in your area.

Jeannette said that these two sites might help find someone where you live.


Upledger Institute

Click image to go to site


Click image to go to site

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