BG had a Craniosacral and Neuromuscular Adjustment – Acupressure and Reiki today!

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(Bowing my head towards all of those involved with the fires here in CA.)

After last week’s post where I spoke of BG’s refusal to carry a rider… I knew that her bones weren’t broken from her fall this Spring – but something was very off.

As with horses and compensation carriage (we do it, too… sore on the right hip so we swing the left leg around), for me, it is often very difficult to see exactly what is wrong.  Is it a muscle?  Is it a tendon?  So tough to know.

In Grass Valley, I would have known who to call.   But here in Paso Robles, I didn’t know who to call.  I was told of an excellent equine chiropractor, but I was feeling leery to start there because I know how it has felt on my body, and I didn’t love it.

Luckily, one of you readers put me in touch with a CMT here in my town!  The reader said, “There is an AMAZING equine body worker up near you in North County. Her eyes see what may be invisible to us and our vets and her techniques amazing . My horse has thrived under her care. (I live in south SLO County, in Arroyo Grande) It might be worth it to give her a call.”

A miracle! Thank you!  A great recommendation is golden.

She came today.


BG is a very reserved mare.  She thinks things through before reacting – mostly.  And she is the least emotional horse I have here.  Or, so it seems.

When BG met Jeannette, she was polite, but reserved.

I walked away to get something, and when I came back, BG had her eyes closed, her head down and was almost purring when Jeannette put her hands on BG’s neck.

A good start.

NO PHOTOS because I was too busy watching and learning

First Jeannette did something in BG’s mouth – where BG pushed against Jeannette’s palm and readjusted a bone in her head.  Immediately BG licked and chewed, and then wanted to do it again.

Next she went to BG’s poll…, nasal area, eyes, neck, spine, hips, sacro area, tail, stifles, legs, hooves, chest and finally the sternum, which Jeanette felt was the root cause.  BG had fallen on her sternum and everything was pushed up.  Her ribs were out of whack, as well as her Cspine and her hips.  The whole thing, basically, was out of whack.

Continually, throughout the time together, BG watched, licked and chewed, rolled her eyes back in her head, contemplated, pressed against the pressure – or pulled back for the stretch, allowed us to put our hands all over her – and she was totally willing.

I could tell that BG was learning, releasing and letting go of the way she was holding her body after her injury in the Spring… and even deeper.

After Jeanette was done with BG, she showed me a few moves that I could do as ‘homework’ to help BG continue to realign herself.

I’ve actually never seen BG so willing to have anyone touch her, physically and emotionally.


Jeanette mentioned that BG is ‘holding something’ tightly inside of herself – something emotional.  And, to be honest, I believe it.  I think BG arrived to me when she was 10 months old – exactly as she is today… she has always been distant emotionally.  I always thought that was just the way she was.  It never occurred to me that she might need some special therapy…

Jeannette got there at 11 and left at 1:30.  BG stood there the whole time.  She only got impatient when I was learning on her… and that was after 2 hours!

I could tell that BG was learning, releasing and letting go of the way she was holding her body after her injury in the Spring… and even deeper.

To be honest, this treatment was above my head, but I loved watching the two of them work together.  BG definitely was on board in the process.

So, I now have 2 weeks to work with BG on my own… and then she will have another professional treatment.  It looked so easy when Jeanette did it… !!  Let’s see how BG and I do together!   I am to do this 3 days a week, and never in a row.

HERE WE GO!  Another adventure in horse healing!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    Do you have contact information? I will pass it onto the lady who wanted it in Tuscon. THANKS

  2. Lesley

    Vanessa Helvsley in Tucson is awesome. She is an equine osteopathic graduate and a Masterson body work instructor

  3. dawndi Post author

    Jeannette said: Hi Dawn,
    I do not know of any bodyworkers in Tuscon area. If you go to Equinalogy or Upledger Institute there may be a referral.
    Hope this helps.


  4. Renee

    Fascinating! I love it! Does Jeannette know or can she recommend anyone in the Tucson AZ area (Sonoita, actually). I have an 11 yr. old ranch mule who I retired for a whole bunch of “invisible” reasons and a 21 yr. old Navajo Nation mustang. Both are very different from each other and could greatly benefit from this type of treatment from the right practitioner. So glad you found J. I believe she’l work wonders for BG. Your HorseGods are with you!!

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