AVOCADOS ARE POISONOUS TO HORSES! So is the tree, the bark, the leaves… every part!

I had no idea that avocados were poisonous to horses.

Just this weekend, a horse nearby passed after ingesting avocado leaves.

Very sad.

Avocados – all parts… leaves, bark, branches, roots, shoots, pits and fruit are poisonous to most livestock and dogs.

I live in California, so this is good to know…

But, even if you don’t live in an avocado area, most of us (sometimes) feed our horses what we might be eating that they are sniffing.

I mean, c’mon… some of us (me) have been known to give-in to those huge, pleading eyes by breaking off a bit of whatever yummy thing we were eating … happily allowing our horses to snorffel  up whatever we give them.

Well, I could just see myself eating chips and guac and not thinking a thing about handing over a loaded chip to my horse.  It never would have occurred to me not to – except for the fact that I wouldn’t give my horses chips.

Avocados are good for humans… but NOT for animals.

So, just remember, avocados are NOT OK.  Not anything about avocados are good for most any livestock.

Don’t pasture your horses where they have access to avocado trees, either.  The bark, branches, leaves, buds and fruit are all very bad.

Yummy avocados are POISON to livestock.

Yummy avocados are POISON to livestock.

Every part of the plant is bad - leaves, bark, branches, roots, fruit and seeds.

Every part of the plant is bad for horses – leaves, bark, branches, roots, fruit and seeds.


Good to know...

Good to know…


Here is a blog post from a gal whose horse was poisoned and survived.  You can read her blog here.




Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.15.25 PM

The next day and still a swollen face.

Swollen tongue

Swollen tongue

Before the poisoning.

Before the poisoning.


informative comments

informative comments








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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Steph

    Hi – avocado IS toxic to dogs – avocado oil is NOT and that is the basis for dog food.
    Thanks for this concise, well-written overview of avocado poisoning :0)

  2. Pretty Pittie

    Actually the fruit is ok for dogs… leaves, bark, twigs, etc. are no-no for all animals (including us). There is also some data that indicates that the variety (Guatemalan vs. Mexican) may make a difference. The Avoderm brand dog food from Breeders Choice has been around for many years with no reported issues.

    I couldn’t locate any studies that specifically addressed horses but I bet the results would be similar… leaves, bark, etc. being the main problem.

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