MAMA TESS UPDATE! 7/30 All is going well, considering…

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Dr. de la Cruz (Dr. Dreamy) came today to tend to Mama Tess.

Right now, she has chronic, slight, infection tracks in both feet (and a split left hoof wall).  Generally, this indicates a bone infection (bad) or a foot infection up inside.  After taking Xrays several weeks ago, we noted she has a lot going on in there…  So, we are hitting it hard with antibiotics and surface antibiotics.  We’ve opened up the tracks to let them drain more easily.

Even though the infection on the Xrays looked to be in her bone… she was walking around like it wasn’t.  So, we decided to be optimistic and treat her aggressively and hopefully – like we have been doing for 2 years now.

Today, when the DR arrived, Tess was walking around, as usual, displaying behavior that is not congruent with coffin bone infections.

So far so good.

DR and patient.

DR and patient.


Mama saw the vet truck arriving and came shuffle running back inside her veranda.

MT (looking right into my eyes):  “Is this going to be a sucky day for me?  Is he going to poke at my feet”?!

Me:  Well, it won’t be horribly sucky but he will work on your feet.

MT (moonwalkng over to her trimming area):  “Oh awlright.  I’ll do this.  But, I expect treats after.”

Me:  Sure!

MT (squinting to see who was driving the vet truck, her eyes brightening suddenly):  “Is this the DR that smells really good?”

And so it went.  MT loves Dr. Dreamy.  She allows him to work on her and she is very accommodating.

Interesting that…

This is difficult to see, but it is the left foot underside.

DR testing the hardness of her sole.  As you can see, this hoof is mostly carved out from the middle to the toe.  The reddish area is stained from the sugardine.  MT walks on this foot quite comfortably.  It is the strongest foot, even though it looks worse.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.27.14 PM

This is the right foot. It has no top damage and only that small infection track that you can see here. However, this is her most sore foot.

CARVING, REPACKING and good news!

Dr. de la Cruz thought Mama Tess had lost some weight… which was good.

After picking up the left foot, he was pleased by the growth at the coronet band, and also pleased by the hardness of the underside.  No infection smell.  Yay!

He trimmed and opened up the infection track – just to be safe.  He treated the area, trimmed the foot/heel/sole and put in some TOMORROW (bovine med) in the track, packed it with sugardine and wrapped.  Ole!

The right foot had very slight drainage.  DR opened up that track, treated it, trimmed the sole/heel/toe and packed the area with sugardine, wrap and done!

She wore out her size 5 Easyboot RX, so MT is now modeling a brand new size 4!

MT wore out her size 5 Easyboot RX, so she is now modeling a brand new size 4!     I cut the outer to create air holes…


The best part of it all was how DR spoke to and treated Mama Tess.  He converses with her as if she was his girlfriend or best girl buddy.  He talks to her in a soft voice and tells her what he is doing.  He respects her, values her and sweetly asks permission.  It is WONDERFUL.

When MT is resting, DR will pat her neck or rub her wither… he is always talking to her, telling her what he is doing and thanking her for being brave and good.  He even kissed her when he said goodbye!

If all vets loved and respected animals the way Dr. de la Cruz does, the world would be a better place.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.27.34 PM

MT was resting here and DR was walking around her, talking with her and telling her what he was doing. She was listening. Her mouth is relaxed.

A bit of a nap and our girl was up and touring the ranch once again... even in this heat!

A bit of a nap and our girl was up and touring the ranch once again… even in this heat!

END OF THE MONTH BUCKET FUND!  We have found a secure way to get hay to the very rare and almost extinct herd of Skyros horses in Greece!  There are only 120 left in Greece and only 30 in Scotland!  Let’s please help save this rare, ancient and valuable herd!!!  Click here!

*Does anyone know Athina Onassis?  I wonder if she would be interested in importing a small herd to America?  Anyone else?  It would be very good to not have the only Skyros horses in close proximity in case of infection…

Click image to read their story and donate!

Click image to read their story and donate!

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    Dawn – Hoof Ray for MT. Yes. I can see why she sees him as Dr Dreamy. What a caring person.

    As an aside. on the Greek horses. and I am not being flippant here. There are some very moneyed Greeks that are involved in racing. The Niarchos name / or perhaps Niarcos comes to mind. Also the brothers Hronis. I wouldn’t know how to reach out to them, but perhaps you could appeal to them or at least forward your article. What about the daughter of the Greek man that was married to Jackie Kennedy eons ago. Owns a shipping line. And his daughter probably in her 40s now, was really into horses. I think her name was Christine/Christina. Stavros Niarchos comes to my mind.

    We are all trying to save our very own Mustangs here in America, you would like to think some rich Greek would want to save his heritage horses. Just my thought.

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