UPDATES on our first two KEEP THEM OFF THE TRUCK FUND saves! Cream Puff and Eddie!

This month, we also used the KEEP THEM OFF THE TRUCK FUND to save two equines who were in the the ‘straight to ship’ line.

Sick, young or pregnant horses don’t go through the auction, but are held in pens for the ‘straight to ship’  because they are not fit for the auction but still worth something as meat.  Some people have the incorrect thoughts that horses who are sick or skinny or pregnant or babies are not purchased by meat buyers, but that is not the case.  These horses aren’t visibly purchased by meat buyers because they aren’t run through the auction (against auction rules), however that does not mean that they aren’t purchased by meat buyers.  They are.  They take the horses in the ‘straight to ship’ pen to fill up their trucks.  We see it all the time.

The Keep Them Off The Trucks Fund was created to help the equines that no one sees who are lined up for the slaughter trucks.

CREAM PUFF – Keep Them Off the Truck Fund Save #1

Cream Puff was in the straight to slaughter pen because she couldn’t walk well.  She appeared sick.  Her feet hadn’t been done in years.  And, she was skinny.  Not a good look for the auction.

Once she was pulled by YOU ALL via ASIAB who asked for our help (Thank you thank you to you all who donated), she was immediately brought to Outlaw Equine hospital in Texas.

Cream Puff in the direct to ship pen. She was too skinny and could barely walk due to no hoof care in years.

The day she was saved. Look how she is standing and you can imagine how she walked…

Here are her back feet after her 2nd trim

And her front feet…

Click here to watch video of Cream Puffy walking!

To watch video of her walking, click image.  (Who is that mini patootey in the background? I asked.  He was saved and already adopted. Cutie!)


And here is EDDIE!  Eddie was in the direct to ship (slaughter) pen because he was wounded – not in good health.  (They are not allowed to go through the auction if they appear sick.)

Once ASIAB called and asked us to save him, Eddie was pulled from the ship pen (Thanks to YOU all!) and sent to Outlaw Equine hospital in Texas.  Once there, they figured out that Eddie didn’t need to lose his eye!  The injuries were fractures around his eye.  So, the are treating the wounds and keeping him safe, while he learns to be handled.  (Eddie was feral, so the initial exam was tough… they thought the issue was his eye. But when he arrived at Outlaw Equine hospital for his exam, it was determined that he had skull fractures, but nothing wrong with his eye.)

As you can see, he has wounds above, below and all around his eye, but these are bone fractures and not eye issues.

This is Eddie when he was in the direct to slaughter pen. Rescuers thought his wounds were about his eye.

Once rescued and treated, vets could see that the concussions were around his eye… but his eye was OK!


Click here to watch video of his treatment.  This video may be difficult to watch because the vet tech is picking at the wound below  his eye… but the fact that he is haltered and allowing this to happen, shows how much better he feels and how far he has come!

Click image to watch the movie if Eddie’s eye wounds being washed.


FUND TOTAL AS OF TODAY:  $760  (Thank you!)   We’ve saved POWDER PUFF 2/7/22 ($800),  EDDIE 2/9/22 ($1200)

Horse and Man Foundation, Inc has a new Fund button. KEEP THEM OFF THE TRUCK FUND. This fund will go on all day, all the time. It will always be here. If you want to save a horse from slaughter, you know we will do that here.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you!

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