I am posting some really fun videos and a few more PhoBlog pics because I spent all day at the Horse Expo!

Sunday, June 12th, 2011 | Filed under Humor

I just got home, it’s late… the day was hectic and frenetic, but GREAT!

Honestly, I’m too tired to write anything thought provoking so instead, I’ve been saving up some very entertaining videos for just this exact type of situation….  I also added a few PhoBlog pics.

Thanks for letting me slide on this Sunday!


1)  This is EXACTLY how I feel right now!  OMG.  This made me roar!

Click on the image to watch how I feel right now!


2)  These dogs are so funny and act just about exactly how mine would around here…


Click on image to watch the dogs rat on the other one...


3)  Have you heard of “bunny jumping”?  Me neither but it looks like fun!  I had no idea they could do this!


Click on the blurry bunny image above - it gets better!



I thought this baby giraffe had a great expression!




Another one from the dog grooming contest...



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Linda Horn

    Seems like that cute pup was giving itself a back massage. Bet you could use one this morning!

    The bunnies are amazing, and seem to enjoy the contest. Handlers not so much. Hard for a mere mortal to keep up with an enthusiastic rabbit!

    When I watched the rabbits, I found this video of horses and riders taking some pretty nasty spills in cross-country.


    I know this is supposed to test the athletic ability of the horses, as well as their courage and trust in their riders, but, IMO, the course designers were way out of line. I think they were playing to the crowd more than thinking of the safety of horses and riders.

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