Zenyatta had herself a COLT!! And some other tidbits about Adella and Jewel…

Happy Sunday!

Just in case some of you haven’t heard, Zenyatta had her foal and he is a be-u-tiful 130lb colt!

Hmmm, think he’s gonna grow up a winner like his famous Mama?!…  We shall see.  He’s got golden blood coursing through his veins.

I’ve pasted her story below…


I wanted to pass on a note I received from Louisiana Horse Rescue Association, our February Bucket Fund sponsor for THE MANY:

Dear Horse and Man,
THANK YOU for bringing together all of the people who donated to the Bucket Fund for LHRA. As I write this we are looking at a $5000.00 vet bill for the care of the critical yearlings and two year olds. During the first few weeks of care they were on IV fluids, antibiotics and round the clock monitoring. Donations are the lifeblood of our organization and we could never have helped the horses without the help of caring individuals such as those who donated to your Bucket Fund.

While we’ve adopted a number of the Many horses, the ones we are left with are the ‘unplacables’  – those with medical issues, a blind mare, the oldest and the weakest. Keep them in your thoughts.

You run an amazing fundraiser. The unfortunate part of horse rescue for all of us is that we have to spend so much time on fundraising when we really need to spend the time on rescue and rehab. Organizations like yours make it easier for us to do the job we really want to do, which is rescue and care. I can’t say THANK YOU enough.

Best Regards,

This is the most recent pic of little Jewel! She was the only foal to be born out of the 16 pregnant and starving mares. Only 40lbs at birth, she is a whippersnapper now!



We have two new photos of Adella, our March Bucket Funder.  She is the mare who was tied (by her owner) with wire that became caught on her leg and almost severed her foot.  (Click here to read her story.)

She is doing very well!

The master farriers and vets are considering all kinds of options and orthotics to help her in the future.  Just like every other horse who has had an injury that humans have never fixed before, this will be an adventure and a history for any other horse with the same injury.

She has no pain.  She moves well but she is still restricted to a smaller paddock.

I will report on whatever device they try during this month… but I think she may be in a support shoe for a while until the mechanics of her device can be perfected.

On that note, I have to reflect back on Molly, the pony with the artificial leg.  She is practically a celebrity… yet, she is a horse with three legs.  So, I’m willing to see what happens with Adella.  As long as she is in no physical pain and she has her ears pricked and a healthy appetite, I am happy to see her move into her new career with this injury.

Here are photos taken last week of Adella.  As you can see, her wound in healing very nicely.  No swelling.  No pain anymore.  However, there needs to be an orthotic to replace the tendons she lost.  In the meantime, this shoe supports the motion that the tendons can no longer hold.  We and the Bucket Fund are helping in her vet care and in their “think tank” experiments to figure out the best way to help her moving forward.

Here she is... looking at the ranch manager's new puppy.

This is the temporary shoe she is wearing while she recovers. They are working on an orthotic.



Did you know that Zenyatta wrote her own diary?

Well, she does.  You can find it here

She also has a FB page which you will find here.  If you’d like to follow the progress of the colt, I’m sure both sites will keep you updated!

Anyway, here is what Zenny wrote today and yesterday… pretty good for a mare who just foaled…

Look at her poking her head up over theirs!

Great shot!

Love these moments...

Day One in the life of a TB Prince...


Another amazing photo.


You know what amazes me… in all of these photos, you see Zenyatta as a broodmare.  AMAZING.  Because for every other living moment of her life, she has been one of the most famous racing fillies in the WORLD.  But today, she looks like a beautiful broodmare.

Blessed are the broodmares.


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Click here to help Adella!






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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. RiderWriter

    Hey, where did you find those super pictures of the little prince outside? They’re not on Z’s Diary yet, I don’t think… THANKS for sharing them!!

  2. Linda Horn

    I wonder is stem cell therapy might help Adella. Our rescue’s vet used it on a very lame mare (stifle injury). He often does new procedures for free or at a reduced cost for educational purposes. This article talks about successful outcomes by cutting the tendons in experiments with rabbits and goats (third paragraph, under STEM CELLS FROM FAT). It was written in 2004, so maybe trials have progressed to horses. http://www.equinechronicle.com/health/stem-cell-therapy-for-tendon-ligament-injuries.html

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