When you go away and someone gets sick, and no one notices…

No one is dead and everything is fixable.  So, there’s that.  But I have to say, there is a huge pang of guilt happening in my heart right now for Norma Jean.

We got home last night.  This morning, I went out to feed and she ran up to me with her big eyes – looking hopeful.  Really, really hopeful.

??  “What’s up Norma?”  And then I stopped in my tracks.

Norma had huge bloody scabs on both of her shoulders and both of her upper and lower legs (above and below her whinny socks).  It was her donkey psoriasis on megadrive.  Flies, weeping scabs, blood – totally gross.  My poor donkey.  My poor, poor, perfectly sweet and wonderful donkey.

I didn’t take ‘before’ pics because all I wanted to do was fix it right away.  I ran inside, got her psoriasis bucket, warm water and sponges – and went to work.  Norma stood there, stoic, happy that someone was finally helping her.

Now, she is fly free, all of her wounds have been washed, cleaned and treated.  She has gobs of THE BALM all over her skin, soothing the itch and pain.  Tomorrow, I will change out her socks and keep the healing cycle going.

Norma is my 25 year-old donkey, which isn’t that old for a donkey – but she has donkey psoriasis every year. Some years it is hardly there, other years, it is bad.


Norma didn’t have any issues when I left.  But, I put on her socks anyway, just in case, because we heard that the weather was going to get very hot while we were gone.  The heat and flies aggravate her donkey psoriasis.

I set up their misting fan.  They had tons of shavings.  Norma and Dodger were set.

The issue here –  was the helper.  Sweet girl.  She fed twice a day and filled the waters, and watched the house… but she didn’t pay attention.  She just didn’t see it.  I cannot fathom how she missed it, but she did.  Maybe she was concentrating on my feeding list instead of the actual animal.  Dunno.

I’m sure if I showed her the pics, she would be mortified.  I know she meant well.

I didn’t take any photos of the initial scabby mess, but here is her shoulder and leg once it was cleaned and treated. I use THE BALM from EquiSpa. It is herbal to treat the wound and also keeps the flies away. After a day of THE BALM, she will have a nice healover.

Here is the angry shoulder area with chest edema. THE BALM globbed on. I use The Balm to heal Bodhi when sutures wouldn’t work. Twice a day, every day, I slathered it on.  It keeps the flies away while it soothes and heals.


So, Norma will have extra, extra special attention for the next few weeks as she heals.  And, maybe that’s good.  I tend to spend special time with those who are more vocal.  Norma is always so quiet and sweet… time to spend time.

I was happy to see her smile back – once I was done.

After being groomed and treated, Norma was happy again. She moved into the shade and smiled at me. You’re welcome, girl, and I’m sorry.

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  1. Bunny

    Um. So. How did a less experienced (however sweet) person wind up caring for your horses while you were several states removed for many days? Reminds me of a friend years ago who with the best intentions hired a local “sweet girl” lacking an appropriate level of experience to care for the friend’s competitive barrel horse while the friend was on a business trip. Not having extensively interviewed the “sweet girl” beforehand she was astonished when learning of the horse’s death from colic, the girl informed her that she “just thought the horse had constipation.”


  2. Delrene from Carlsbad

    Sweet, sweet, Norma Jean. Your mom Is gonna make you all better along with the magical balm.
    Nice to have her home, I’m sure.

  3. Judith

    The Balm is the best stuff! I think I found out about it from you a few years ago — I use it on my poor Morgan’s sweet itch scrapes. He’s never got an infection.

    Dear Norma Jean — I hope she is right as rain soon.

  4. Bonnie Bishop

    I recently went through a several day video presentation calleed ” Listening to the horse” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M26hXq1IDGc
    Some people are “empaths” to horses. Others are not.
    I could go into a barn and “see” wounds, while the people who worked with the horses could not.
    I think you would love the series, it was free a short while ago, but if they have a few issues on Youtube you might want to promote it.
    Not only did she mean well, she may not be an empath. I doubt it is common in non horse people. We have the advantage of putting out hearts and souls into our relationships with our horses.

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