WHEN YOU DON’T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE, WATCH SOCIAL MEDIA or fear Corona Virus… Photos of new foals.

I guess most of the country is social distancing for right now.  We, in California, maybe more so.  Hubby and I both have colds, the regular kind.  No temps, no cough.  However, we are taking our temps and watching for any sign… so far, we are just getting better.

On my last grocery run, I went past a local Quarter Horse breeding farm that is on our road.  There were 16 new babies!  All of them were either frolicking, sleeping or eating.  It was truly blissful to watch – especially right now.  They were totally unaware of anything upsetting in their environment – except me who stopped to take pics.

The fences are high and mighty… so I wasn’t able to get really good shots, but here is what I did get.


They have pastures according to friendships and due dates…This pasture had 3 mares with babies.

Mama standing guard.

I was able to stand on a dirt pile to get over the fence to take this photo of the pregnant mare paddock. There were 5 in here.

Another pregnant mare

There were 4 paddocks with mares and babies. This was another one where I could reach over the fence.

And another…

And this was our sunset last night… I think Mother Nature is smiling.

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  1. Judith

    That last shot is just beautiful!

    This is the time of year when people on my Morgan Facebook groups start to post pictures of this year’s babies — so cute! (I personally think that Morgans never have an awkward stage growing up :-)) I just love to see them.

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