When JEALOUSY takes your hair away…

So there was a jealousy fight here.

The Pony King Rocky Balboa has decided that HE and only HE can be friends with Dalton.  So, he took out his jealous rage on Norma Jean.

This was not good.  I had hoped that The Pony King would befriend both Dalton and Norma Jean.  And, truthfully, it looked like it was headed in that direction.  Dalton absolutely loves Norma Jean (and she can eat with him) but he also let Rocky hang out with him – all day – in the big field.

Norma Jean and The Pony King were together often.  I noted that she liked him maybe more than he liked her… but they still stood together a lot.

But, something happened… words were had and Norma Jean got the brunt end of the deal.

So, I moved her back in with The Bully Mare (Gwen) for a while.

We will try it again, but I will not have both Rocky and Norma in with Dalton.  I will switch it up and also put NJ and Rocky in together without Dalton.  I want NJ to have her new friends, too…

The most surprising news is that when I separated Norma Jean from the crowd, little Princess Buttercup Pebbles went crazy and threw a hissy fit!  She ran bucking and braying into the 5 acre field and back up again, over and over.

I had no idea that she loved Norma Jean.

So maybe for a while, I’ll put them back in with Gwen and NJ.  Smooth the waters.

As the Pasture Turns…

Poor Norma Jean… I groomed her all over and she has a few of these patches underneath her coat. She has been treated and seems to be fine.

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  1. Violet

    My old mare went thrust his last year and now again. I’m going to treat her with a product tomorrow. I made my own treatment with coconut butter tree tea oil, lavender, etc last year.

  2. Calvin48

    Many years ago I had a farrier who owned several horses. He divided his land into five large paddocks (2 to 3 acres each). He never had two horses turned out together for more than a week at a time. He felt that this kept the horses from becoming too attached and discouraged arguments. He showed a lot at the local shows and he didn’t want his horses whinnying back and forth. It worked for him. I’ve never had the money to build all those fences, but I always separated mares from geldings. The mares just induce a level of agitation in geldings that brings out their tempers. Good luck sorting out your group.

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